Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This is how you bring the world together

As Gnomer already posted about, we had the opportunity to get together to BG this past weekend, along with the lovely Pugnacious Priest and BBB. I was looking forward to BGing with two folks who have the Justicar title and one who has Battlemaster! This is crazy serious business PvP!

No, but seriously, there were folks in our group with very little resilience gear and minimal PvP experience. But I would say that going in together as a group of 10 people willing to work together and having voice communication trumps gear. I also learned a number of things this weekend.

As we were planning to coordinate when we'd all be on, I became an expert in converting PST to Gnomer and PP's time zone, which I affectionately started calling Koala Standard Time. You can now ask me at any moment what time it is for them, and I have it seared in my brain. It's +18 hours from PST. :)

Accents are hawt. Well, that's not something I just learned this weekend, but actually something I already knew. Honestly I have long been a sucker for accents. And let me just say that our first couple of BGs were quite disorienting for myself and my guildies as we were distracted by the incredibly hawt Aussie accents... both male and female. Did we even win our first couple matches? I can't even remember. Why can't us US folks sound so cool? Sigh.

BBB is a nightelf?!?! Ok, so clearly my rational mind should have known that BBB had to have a nightelf form, but in my mind he has always been a bear. Always. Like running around SW, interacting with the auction house, getting things in and out of the bank... as a bear. My mind just never processed him having a nightelf form. So seeing a female nightelf with the tag Bigbearbutt was almost as disorienting as the Aussie accents.

I think it was our second day of BGing together that we started talking about differences in Australia and the US, for example what things cost etc etc. It kind of blew my mind there that here we were, a group of about 4 or 5 Aussies and 4 or 5 Americans BGing together. As Gnomer mentioned, it really did feel like we were one guild. I think this is how you bring the world together... group up to kill Horde! Rawr!

I'm looking forward to doing it again in a couple of weeks! I have a feeling the more I BG with them, the more I may start to use the word 'bugger'. Bugger this... bugger that... it's a nifty little word, bugger!

I do wish we could BG with those crazy Europeans as well. Though honestly a BG with Aussie, Scandinavian, British, and possibly other European accents? Whoa... I might be rendered completely useless. I'm not sure I would be able to adequately heal because I'd be too busy fawning. ;)


  1. They managed to restrict themselves to saying Bugger? Well they were obviously on their best behaviour :)

    Although if you heard 'strewth' or 'bloody oath' in there then they were probably trolling you.

    1. We did have a few moments of slang-fest... but otherwise we were relatively controlled... we never even got onto iced vovo's

      However, Fair Dinkum those yank accents were hawt too.. bloody Oath mate!

      Was a bloody rippa of a couple of days

    2. No Struths I think, but I would swear there were a couple of Mates! and lots of keyboard bashing during moments of intense distress, but it was good fun :) looking forward to doing it again

  2. That looked like awesome fun! Gosh, I wish I could join in the fun, but I'm horde :P

    BBB is a nightelf? You're right I always thought of him as a bear, never really thought about his race.

  3. Yeah it was a blast. Though if I could have just one wish, it would have been to somehow resurrect Megan from OutofMana to be able to BG with her.

    Can you even imagine how insane that would have been?!?! I would have even let Jong come along for the lulz.