Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blame the Night Elves

I've been doing a little bit of archaeology again after what must be at least a 6 month hiatus. We'll see how long it lasts, but I want the Tol'vir pet and mount. Anyways, I wasn't the only one this particular night:

So yeah. On behalf of the night elves, I apologize for anyone doing archaeology. Though if it makes you feel any better it's not like us night elves get a break or anything because its just as bad for us.


  1. Nelfs is like a dog I used ta own, apparentlies. Though I's pretty sure she never shattered continents or invited demons inta the world....

  2. @Ratters: Was your dog also as naughty as the Nelfs? Because if the number of scandalous silk nightgowns I've dug up is any indication...

    And on a side note, "scandalous" by nelf standards must be quite scandalous indeed considering the outfits you see on many female night elves.

  3. Good luck with the archaeology.

    My wife needed around 300 tolvir solves to get the pet she wanted. She ended up getting the mount in the meantime, but all she cared about was the pet. Now she doesnt use it because she is pissed off at it lol.

  4. Yes, she wore scandalous dog collars. Very revealing.

  5. Alchemist... needs... Tol'vir... digsites...

    *crawling across desert*