Thursday, December 29, 2011

The only way to get me to follow...

A bunch of random pics to share.

1. The only way to get me to follow:
I don't think I need to say much with this one except to share the chat and the pic Jess sent me:

Sigh. Jess probably wishes he had that leash on me when we were doing Nef.

2. The original Tebower
We ran some old raids last night for fun and transmog gear. I quite like the tier 6 druid set! I just need to get the chest and shoulders. Anyways we were in Black Temple and Jess pointed out that Illidan is Tebowing! Look!

3. Pushing my luck
With more game time with the holidays, I've been pushing my luck with pets and mount drops. I've been making my way back in Sethekk and Magister's Terrace lately, as well as trying to farm zone drop pets.

I think on one day over the weekend I decided to push my luck with several items in a row. I first went to try for the lump of coal pet. Then I farmed for whelpling pets in Wetlands for a while. Then I moved on to try in Winterspring for a bit. Next I went to Org to try to fish up Old Crafty. Then I went into Wailing Caverns to try for the Hatchling pet in there. My only success? Old Crafty after about 150 casts.

If I go back to equipping a main and off hand, I think it'd be hilarious it to transmog them into Dark Herring and either Old Crafty or Old Ironforge!


  1. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you can't use Old Ironjaw in transmogrification. I'd assume the same for the others.

  2. Hooray! I was humming "Wrapped Around Your Finger" to myself. The annoying thing though was that it would fall asleep and wouldn't follow close enough to keep it on. Typical tree.

  3. @Galashin: Noes! That sux! Well maybe I can just run around SW like this...

    @Jess: Play with your sproutling all you want because you and I both know that's the only tree that will be following you.

  4. "Jess probably wishes he had that leash on me when we were doing Nef."

  5. @Klep: You crazy boy! How are things in Wisconsin? Have you become a cheesehead yet?

  6. Things are great up here. Everyone is nice, which makes me nervous. I'm learning a lot, meeting new people, and wondering who thought it was a good idea to build a school on a hill. I'm so used to flat Chicagoland. It's nice that you remembered.