Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cookies are distracting

O'hai there! Long time no see, or er blog! As predicted, work has been the pvp/bg equivalent of WoW. Pretty crazy with intense deadlines while assumptions and supporting data change by the minute. It really irritates me when I am too busy at work to blog. I mean seriously, when else am I supposed to blog?

Anyways, I have at least been able to raid. Just last week we had our first all guild run in what feels like forever. I want to say it was our first guild run since Cataclysm? So I made the boys line up and tuck in their shirts for a screenshot:

It was kind of an interesting raid for me last Thursday. Ten minutes before the raid start time I was contemplating whether the delicious cookies that the lovely Beru gave me that day were a sufficient dinner. I put it to a guild vote and it came back about 50/50.

So the raid starts with Morchok and during the spikes phase I ran to a side that I've run the two previous weeks. Except there weren't any spikes on that side this week to hide behind. D'oh. I promptly died. I might have been distracted by digging to the bottom of Beru's cookie container to see what variety of treats were at the bottom. So for the next 5 minutes or however long the fight lasted, the guild 9 manned Morchok while I ate cookies. Even better was the fact that one of the drops was for me. All in all it was a good raid strategy since I got cookies AND an upgrade.

I died quickly on Hagara as well as some spikes showed up to eat my face. But the guild got him down just fine again. I stand by the title of this post as my defense. Some folks on vent were saying that I needed to blog about dying so much. To which I responded to something of the effect of: "I only blog about stuff when you guys screw up. When I screw up, it didn't happen. This is why this is my blog". But look! I blogged about it! I still blame the cookies though (which btw were delicious Beru!).

Since I last posted I've also added Rades to my Real ID list. This way I have someone Horde side on my server and battlegroup to vent to when we're getting killed in BGs. I can also let him know when he's killing a poor little alt of mine and we don't have to resort to emotes when our toons cross paths. I thought I read somewhere that we would be able to do cross faction BGs? Is that coming soon? Did I make that up somehow? I think it'd be pretty hilarious to run around with his hunter or DK as his pocket healer. I think one thing Rades has learned about me from adding me to his Real ID list is that I'm in BGs a lot. :)

Despite the considerable amount of BGs I do, I have yet to cap out on conquest points. Getting 1650 conquest points when you're not doing arena or rated BGs is a lot. I think I'm averaging about 1000 conquest points a week. On the PvE end it feels weird to be capping out on weekly valor points. I rarely capped out on valor in the last couple of patches. But now the cap is down to 1000, our guild killing DS bosses a lot faster than we did FL bosses, and you can run through the new heroics so quickly compared to ZG/ZA.

I will vent about one thing (because really is it a real blog post from me if there is no angry venting?). The daily process of going to kill the Greench for the chance at the lump of coal pet irritates me greatly. First we have to go to IF, a city no one hangs out in anymore. Then we have to fly up to go kill the Greench. Then we have to go back to IF to turn it in. Grrr. I wish this was just like the other holiday bosses where we could just port to it quickly.


  1. The irony of adding each other on Real ID is that since then, the one time we have met up in-game, it's been a total accident! Haha. And I need to start getting into BGs to look for you, haha. I'll go in on my healers so we can stand next to each other healing our respective teams and hoping our friends kill the other person.

  2. Hooray for cookies! I will gladly take all responsibility for your deaths :) (I'm glad you enjoyed them!)

  3. @Rades: Yeah well you would win that one because if there is one thing Horde is really good at and Alliance horrible at is targeting and killing healers first.

    @Beru: Hooray! I tried to tell the guild it wasn't my fault... I have only so much willpower to focus on raiding when cookies are so near by...

  4. Does Rades have a pally...??