Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I am definitely looking forward to flying home to Chapel Hill tomorrow for the holidays. I'll be back home for about 10 days, though I will definitely have to work next week. :( Anyways, a couple of holidays related notes I wanted to share:

1. A Lovecraft Christmas!

Awesome pics of a Cthulhu Christmas tree:

2. Star Wars Snowflakes!

Geez, I wonder how long its been since I've made paper snowflakes? I'm guessing somewhere around 3rd grade? Well for all of you playing SWTOR, these are pretty awesome Star Wars Snowflakes with a pattern you can download to make your own.

3. Santa?

I was randomly checking my statcounter stats and OMG I have evidence that Santa reads this blog:

Because Santa is reading this, let me just reiterate how good I've been all year and how I deserve a ton of presents. ;)

Wishing everyone a peaceful and relaxing holiday season!

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