Thursday, December 8, 2011

From archaeology to pvp

My job tends to be a job of extreme peaks and valleys. It's either incredibly crazy 80 hour work weeks or an absolutely dead 20 hour work week. In WoW terms it's like the two extremes of boring ass archaeology and sheer craziness of doing pvp. Anyways, this past work week was an archaeology week, but I got an email late in the afternoon yesterday that they are putting me into two BGs starting tomorrow. Sigh.

I figure I should get a post up since I expect work craziness for a while. The equivalent of 5 melee on this poor tree like white on rice. So a bunch of random updates.

We've started running alt Firelands runs on off nights for fun and gear, but also to finish building our legendary staff. Quick side note on this. I think the casters got kind of screwed with the FL legendary vs the rogues in DS. Even casual guilds are downing DS bosses much faster than FL bosses. Our resident lucky bastard Violent got his first epic dagger as part of the quest chain during the first week. I don't remember how long it took our mage Nkm to do that, but I know it was a lot longer than that.

Oh so in our last alt run... look what drops:

Yep... the first time the f'in Smoldering Censer of Purity drops, its when I'm on my lock. I love that this drop is noteworthy enough that it defaults to the top of the weekly guild news. Just to taunt me. So now Jess' shammy has my staff. We also saw our first ever warrior hunter shammy shoulder tokens drop off Staghelm... though Jess wasn't on his warrior. However Jess ended up getting the tier 13 shoulders that dropped off Hagara.

Sigh. At least the raid is clearly aware of the basic laws of nature. This is the last line of the macro that gives our new vent information:

This week has been the Darkmoon Faire stuff, though I'm already kind of sick of the games. However I know that the guild is grateful for the fact that the Grisly trophy drops are random and not based on killing blows, unlike the Valentines Day charm bracelet debacle. I hadn't read up on the Darkmoon Faire news so I didn't know how they dropped, but when I first got the quest I was ready to get pretty irritated... charm bracelet level irritated. But I immediately went to heal a bg and saw that I was still able to collect those trophies.

I've also gotten a good number of those Darkmoon faire blues in bgs as well. I've gotten a total of 6 or 7 of them, though I have to admit that I've been doing a lot of pvp. Just make sure you remove insignias, because that is the only way you get them.

Finally, I was looking at our logs from our first week of raiding and came across the craziest thing.

What in the?!?! Tranquility right after Rejuv? Any guesses on which of the first 4 bosses this was from?


  1. Let the record show that I've not once rubbed it in that I got a drop you wanted and you didn't, unlike a certain holy paladin, who likes to show me where on Tyrande's Favorite Doll you keep kicking him.

  2. I notice a theme of anti-holy-pally in this blog and users! It's not like there's been a glut of good healing trinkets around.

    On an unrelated note, did you know guild members can pin interesting news items to stay up at the top? And that there was a priest alt leveling up at the time and rather bored in Outland...

  3. @Jess: Because even warriors have enough intellect to know that would be a very bad idea...

    @Lorosia: And you wonder why you are my arch-nemesis...