Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yay stereotypes!

An article just recently published on Cnn.com, "Five bloody new video games for guys".

#4 on the list: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (Blizzard, PC)

"We know: Despite what you see on "South Park," women love playing this sprawling online fantasy saga just as much as closet barbarians.

But nothing says "screw it, I'm going dateless this year" quite like its latest add-on, which offers enough new areas and quests to keep any dashing knight's social calendar gridlocked for months. Hey, at least flying mounts don't get mad when you go three days without showering."

Really? And beyond the "for guys" bit... WoW? Bloody? To be listed alongside Halo? Really?


  1. WoW really isn't all that bloody, excluding warriors. I'm offended.

  2. Hahahahaha

    Maybe there's just a shortage of violent games this year.

  3. Dateless? I met my other half in WoW, and it's not as if WoW's our only common interest. That's... quite a speshul article by CNN.

  4. @Klep: Oh my dear pally boy..

    @Ophelie and Rebecca: I'm wondering if the writer of this just doesn't know the game world at all?

  5. Pssh, wow bloody? I play bloodier board games. And the "for guys"? K well you go ahead and think that girls don't play video games Mr Game savvy writer man, see how many people take you seriously.

  6. Lolwut wow is bloody? Do they even go here?

    It`s so nice that the author takes the time to mention that women play wow too...right before going back to the target audience (which is guys, btw, in case you forgot). Oh and I love to see that the stinky reclusive gamer trope hasn`t gone out of style.

  7. I would say I was shocked and stunned, but I'm not surprised.

  8. @Aituair and redcow: I know! WoW! Bloody! Honestly I think the author doesn't know what the heck he is talking about... and I'm glad to see the comments on the article reflecting those opinions.

    @Pewter: Yeah, maybe not surprised... but disappointed?