Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday post!

A couple of old pics from Kimchee I wanted to share. She's raided about half of ICC! OMG! I've dps-ed a raid! Look how freakin' cute she is:

Freakin' cute! And here she is after an unsuccessful Putricide attempt:

OMG so sad, so sad. After that attempt, she had to definitely readjust her Pigtail Holder, a gift from her friend Pinchy:

Kimchee still does a lot of pvp and her pvp set is now as good as it can be before doing arenas. She hit 10,000 HKs this week! Go Kimchee, go! Now she was in AB the other night and was at the mines with another DK. We were fighting off 4 or 5 hordies and in the midst of it all, the DK actually whispers me.

DK: "Why don't you fear?"
Kimchee: "I am! It's called diminishing returns!"


Finally, most of you have probably already seen these posts, but a great post from Ophelie about dating and being a single woman in WoW and from Kae about what it means to be a girl gamer.

I missed the LK kill for Vyp last week, but I'm glad I made it into the story. Check out this incredible story from Ratters.


  1. I cried at that story... And it so makes me want to pick the brain behind it... it has elements that remind me of other things, and I'd love to follow the creativity and inspiration that made it so wonderful... :)

    But do you really think we 'rustle furiously' when heals don't go off'?? ::giggle::

  2. Yes, you do. You also makes them frustrated ent-grunt noises. "mrrumph!"

    I's glad folks done liked the story - I were pretty happy with it too. Kayeri, if'n yer curious about me brains, feels free ta drop me a line at ratshag at thepurge dot org. Would be happies ta discussifiy me inspirations and whatnots.

  3. A...pigtail holder!


    New thing to add to my list of things to acquire!