Monday, September 13, 2010

Illustrated fail pug stories

Most of the time I've spent so far on my gnome lock (who I totally have an infatuation with... is it weird to have a crush on your toon?) has been doing pvp. She has about as good a pvp set she can have without stepping into arenas. Though this weekend, I spent some time running pugs on Kimchee for badges to gear up her pve gear.

Now K never really did real pugs with the LFG function when it first came out. Her runs were pretty much all guild runs, and if we had to pick someone up via the LFG, it might have been one dps. So yeah, this weekend was probably my first time experiencing the range of pugs you encounter. Let me share some tales with an illustrated commentary.

First, there was the tank who was equipping a lvl 70 weapon from Hyjal. Really buddy, really? Look I don't need a 6000+ gear score tank. I'm all for doing heroics with new level 80 tanks. But come on, come somewhat prepared!

Just because it's purple doesn't mean you should be still equipping it. His total health was around 19k, less than Kimchee's. Then a couple of nightmare pulls later, he hearths saying that oops, he should really train first. Luckily he left soon after saying he had to go because his "mom was trippin'". Fail!

Then, there was the elemental shammy who kept asking for dmg meters after every other pull and gloated that he was on top. I guess he didn't care for the fact that he pulled insane aggro nearly every pull and got himself killed (and pissed off the healer) a couple of times. Fail!

Then there was the dk tank who couldn't hold aggro to save his life. And the 3 dps were really trying to behave! Fonzy told me to check if he was in frost presence. Yep, he was in blood presence. I asked him to switch to frost presence, which he did but then asked why. /sigh

Finally, I couldn't think of an appropriate pug story to go with this pic, but I had to share it because I feel its my duty as a responsible blogger to warn you guys to keep your hands to yourself.


  1. You're leaving out important information, such as how cool did the tank's weapon look?

  2. Hey! I lost my wallet, I was just being very thorough.

  3. Sure it was Thunderfury...cause that weapon is still sexy for a tank!