Monday, September 6, 2010

Is this how it is to off tank?

We had a really good week of raiding this past week, after a month or so of up and downs with raiding attendance. This meant we successfully completed 5 ICC hard modes for the first time this past raid week! Woot! It's been really nice actually having loot drop that people really need again. It's also been nice being challenged on bosses prior to LK and recalling how it was when we first saw those bosses in normal.

Part of the reason we've been able to raid successfully lately is because we've had some old friends from Emerald, a guild we've long known, run with us. Last night as we were seeing heroic Blood Queen for the first time, Venezia shared this video from a guild called Kamigami that we just had to watch:

LOL! It was perfect for us last night because we had a feral druid off tanking. I love the elevator music during the clip. But it's also hilarious to look at the madness going on in the background. OMG red line of death! OMG purple cloud of death! OMG bite me before you go insane! OMG scary fear and massive blood bolts! OMG! OMG! OMG! And the bear is just playing bejeweled. Sigh.


  1. ::falling over laughing:: omg, I am SO linking this to our boards...

  2. I love it! Genius!

    Thanks for linking, it really cheered me up on a rather blah day.

  3. Great vid and the music is perfect for it. No wonder our off tank has so much time to chat on vent during this fight!.


  4. I've actually left the computer when offtanking that fight, I grab a drink, hit the bathroom, no one even notices.

  5. I loved it!

    I posted a link to it on our forums, with the cavaet that I better not hear of anyone doing this...

  6. Glad you like it!

    Be aware that we are professionals and this was performed on a closed instance with prior notification to my healers.

  7. @Seriallos: Genius! Pure genius! :)