Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where WoW meets the Mushroom Kingdom

I was a huge Mario fan as a kid, playing old school Nintendo back in middle school. So what happens when the mushroom kingdom and WoW collide?

Part 1:

Part 2:

So cute!


  1. If you have the chance to play New Super Mario Bros on DS or Wii - do it! So much memories, so much win for us people who loved mario back in the 90s. =)

  2. @Simply mod: Yeah, they definitely do bring memories of growing up. :)

  3. I was brought up on Mario so these make me happy. Thank you :D

    Are they your drawings, or did you find them and link?

  4. This is awesome, I used to play all the old marios too, you've done a great job mixing them with wow! :D
    btw, did you know there's a mario-addon for wow? it adds all the characteristic sounds to the game (for ex. you will hear mario's jump sound when pressing spacebar), maybe something for die-hard mario fans! ;)

  5. @Rebecca and Syl: Oh geez, I definitely did not do these!

    The link where I found them (click on part 1 and part 2) isn't completely clear to me who did them, but it looks like it may have been a David Stonecipher?