Friday, August 6, 2010

WG asshats

I used to post now and then about asshats I've encountered in game. The WoW universe must have known its been a while since I've done such a post, so it presented me with some asshats last night.

So Kimchee is 80 now, right? Thus, she tries to get into Wintergrasp every time its up so that she can collect the WG marks for PvP gear. Well last night she got into a WG run where a little over a minute before we were going to win, I got booted from the raid group. By the time I ported back to Dal, ran back to the WG guy, and rejoined a WG group, the victory had already been recorded. This means I did not get the 3 WG marks I fought for.

Apparently I was not the only one. A bunch of people were kicked from the raid I was in. People were hot! Hot, I tell ya! As was I. Turns out the offenders were from a ridiculous all caps guild (always a good predictor of a fail guild). After they booted a bunch of folks, the 3 of them obviously purposefully stood on top of the quest givers on mammoth mounts, for at least 10 minutes. I know this flavor of asshattery isn't new at all, but it was just icing on the cake after kicking people from the raid.

I wonder if Blizz can do anything so that WG groups don't get assigned a raid leader who has the power to kick people from the raid. Asshats and guilds who obviously get off on screwing with people are using this tactic to compensate for their ridiculously small, shriveled, and underutilized private parts.

So Gankafish, Moron, and Therealchazz from FASHION POLICE (no, I don't feel bad at all posting their toon and guild names): Fuck you.


  1. ugh...assholes.

    I was in a WG a couple months ago and the raid leader kept spamming ready checks every 10 seconds or so. I got sick of it and stopped responding. Then I got kicked from the group. I was so mad.

    WG raids really shouldn't have a leader role.

  2. If you ever see them online in Wintergrasp and wish them dead, make a Horde alt and whisper me and I'll go murder them. ;) Jerks.

  3. Can't you open a ticket and report them to blizz? They usually don't tolerate crap like that, interfering with normal gameplay. Especially with pvp like that... I've reported people for being asshats like those 3 before and they took care of it :)

  4. Open a ticket with blizzard, saying what happened. If you have a screenshot of them doing the mammoth on the quest giver thing, you can then open the ticket on their website and email in the screen shot. They will likely get a 72 hour ban for that.

  5. Oh, you WG asshats. How I don't miss you. Report them, K! If I were on your server I would gladly kill them for you and plant the "Pwn'ed Flag" on them - which I only use on special occasions.

  6. There's shout out of sorts to you, Jess, and your guild @ It's under the post "Who Taught You Something."

  7. That's pretty unfair - it's not like they get any extra reward for it, they did it out of mean spite and things like that don't get punished,