Friday, August 13, 2010

Blame game and putting guildies to work

We've had a lot of people in and out on vacations, so raiding has really slowed down for us. But last night I was able to put together enough to go take a crack at some ICC 10 hard modes with 6 guildies, 1 Thormaine, and 3 friends from a guild we've long done stuff with, Emerald.

It was interesting because this raid was a melee dps heavy group, while our raids are typically very caster dps heavy. Thus, Saurfang was quite different for us. It's also been a bit since we've had a good raid group to push any progression stuff, so I don't know about the others but I did feel kind of slow and rusty.

As I shared and exhibited last night, I really do think that successful raid leading is all about the proper assignment of blame. Healer somehow fails to see Mark of the Fallen on someone? Hunter's fault! Healer somehow gets hit by malleable goo at the worst possible time? Tanks' fault!

Do you have classes or people that you always blame? Hunters? DKs? In our typical runs, we don't have a hunter and while we have Qyburn tanking and Vyp dpsing as DKs, they typically don't get blamed. Hmmm, I think my blame game has less to do with certain classes and more to do with my personal relationship with the people.

Last night I alternated between blaming Bubble the hunter, Thormaine the ret pally, or the tanks. Venezia as a warrior tank had to get some blame, probably because I was transferring my typical practice of blaming Jess. I mean, I see a brown box in Grid, and its just natural and instinctive to send some blame that way.

Anyways, hopefully we can make this a decent raid week since next week is going to be tough as well with Clawcon-Chicago. This Clawcon feels a bit different to me than the last one. It probably feels this way for me since 3 folks are crashing at my place.

As I was telling Jess, it seems kind of personal and intimate that these guys are going to be seeing where and how I live. They'll get to know me in a different way. When they leave and we're online again, they'll be able to picture and envision me at my desk in my office, dropping f-bombs in arenas or bossing people around in raids.

Though with three guys crashing here, I've already put together a short "honey-do" list of things I need tall guys to do around the condo. Hahaha, I'm going to get my guildies to do a couple things for my place. Got to take advantage of it, no? Is that bad? :p


  1. When I were raiding in Aetherial Circle, standard response ta anything going wrong was "I blame Laguna" (bugger was a warrior tank). Whethers or not he were in the raid, or logged on that night, or was still keeping his account active. Seemed fair at the time.

    In the Purge, we just blame Society.

  2. I tend to take the blame, though I rarely screw up. But when I do, I make it good! Such as somehow not seeing the mark over my head and chaining iceblocks across half the raid. Ah, Sindragosa, how I hate thee.

  3. We have a warlock we blame for everything when he is on. Not being able to click cubes on Maggy was particularly memorable along with trying to banish our frost mages water elemental during Shade in Kara and screaming down vent that he couldnt was another.

    Oddly enough when he dies for the first time the luck in the raid really picks up. So much so that if things are going badly we try to get him killed to see if it improves things :)


  4. @Ratters: I think a warrior tank is always a good choice to blame!

    @Klep: Oh Sindragosa...

    @Zetter: Haha. Typically we joke that a mage needs to die for it to be a real raid.

  5. Heh, Ker, you guys gotta get Vyp into the LK fight and kill him so we can read her story... :;grin::