Monday, August 16, 2010

Lich King isn't anything...

...compared to kids! Yes, kids.

Let me explain. So about a month ago we had a situation where one of our folks was hacked because he had to temporarily take off the authenticator tied to his account. Why? Well, his son flushed his authenticator down the toilet.

Last night, another of our folks lets us know that her son was playing with her iPhone and continuously entered the wrong password, thus locking her out and requiring a reset. Because the authenticator she uses is on her iPhone, she had issues logging on and staying logged on last night.

You think LK is scary? Maybe Halion with the scary cutters? Hell, apparently we should be more concerned of our guildies' kids as they seem to be more of a threat to our raiding!

Honestly though, I find this all kind of amusing. :)


  1. Blizzard really should do something about these arbitrary barriers to raid progression.

  2. Heh... My kid is much more likely to be explaining PROPER raid strategy to me than hiding my authenticator... eight years old and she studies Tankspot videos!

    My husband is wondering if he can get her to start researching hunter rotations in Cata soon... She does watch BRK's beta videos, too!

  3. I get my kid to get me badges and help me gear up my toons once they are level 80. Also, pets are actually worse than kids...our dog chewed my son's authenticator, and I know Lady Jess had a dog vs authenticator too.