Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kimchee hits 80!

Throughout this game, I have never been an alt person. I found there was enough to do between gearing K up with pvp gear or making money and going for gold cap. But I did start my little gnome lock Kimchee a while back. And while guildies were making fun of my slow leveling (I was busy leveling professions or doing pvp), she finally hit 80 last weekend. So yes, finally I have a second 80!

There's definitely a different feel playing her. She's little bundle of spicy cuteness and there is a sense of feeling more bouncy or cheery when playing her. I definitely relate to her shortness since I'm 5'2" IRL. And yes, there's probably some cute underhanded evilness I also relate to. :p I'm going to play her affliction and have an PVE and PVP affliction spec. As I've joked with the guildies, the pvp rotation she likes to use is dot-fear-giggle. It's a good rotation.

That I did my friend, that I did. I love seed of corruption. Love! Though doing a ton of bgs on Kimchee does make me appreciate K even more. It's hard to find healers in bgs.

Now I was saying on guild chat a while ago that somehow I feel like K and Kimchee would be best of friends. Like when I log off, they hang out together and go adventuring or something. I could see the tree stoically protecting her little spicy friend. Shat said that it might be like the Keebler elves, with Kimchee living inside of K.

Hahaha... precisely Shat, precisely.


  1. Yay Kimchee!! Darn little cutie!

  2. I can forgive you being a gnome...but a lock. I am hurt beyond believe. You cut me deep. Alliance must die tonight so they may feel my pain.

  3. I fully support you being a warlock... but a gnome is simply intolerable.

  4. Grats!
    For some reason, I stalled on getting my gnome lock to 80 (he was my third 70 and I actually raided on him a while)... but I'm making some efforts now and he's up to 74. When he gets there, he'll be my 7th 80. Not as many as some, more than my favorite tree. :) I like alt-ing, just lacking the time these days.