Friday, August 27, 2010

An actual WoW related post!

Awmigawd! I'm actually going to talk about stuff in game! Brace yourselves...

Anyways, so last night's LK kill was awesome because the attempt that we killed him on was so flawless. Not a single badly placed defile. Not one use of the 3 battle rezes at our disposal. Incredibly smooth transitions between phases with no adds up. It's crazy how things can go so wrong, then things can be so perfect. It was also amazing given that we had one person who had never even seen the fight before.

On an earlier LK attempt, I was the first one sucked into the sword. I said on vent, oh no guys! Get ready to die! I kind of made the decision that I was not going to do the whole switching into kitty or bear and do the interrupting thing. Its just really uncomfortable for me and I get all nervous. So yep, I decided I was just going to brute force heal it. The healing wasn't as bad as I expected actually. Hooray! I survived the sword!

So raiding has definitely slowed down a lot, but I'm glad we still can get together for some raid nights. Oh a really funny pic from last week when somehow our friend Venezia's gnome mage got onto the stage of Buns' demonic puppet show. Dance for us Rum! Dance for us!

Now a couple weeks ago, our cutest gnome mage evah Nkm asked Jess and I to help him with the crazy Scepter of the Shifting Sands questline. It's a long old world questline that opened AQ back in the day.

We went with him to Duskwood, and it brought back some memories of the good old days when Jess and I were leveling up as wee young night elves.

Awww. We then went with him to Moonglade to summon Eranikus. It was really neat to see this huge impressive event going on outside of a raid and to see all the NPCs in Moonglade come to action. It was also pretty crazy that the three of us could do it! We did have one boomkin run up to us in the middle of the event to ask what was going on. Nkm had to tell them not to kill the dragon!

Anyways, the funniest part was when Eranikus was above us and throwing down some sort of minor aoe. It wasn't a big deal for us at all. I mean, it tickled a little bit, but meh. However we were pretty close to the druid trainer in Moonglade and there was a poor level 18 or so druid that got one shot while he was training. 15 seconds later, back comes the level 18 druid and rezes right where he died. And sure enough, 2 seconds later, Erankus does his aoe again and poof! Dead level 18 druid! Awww sorry Mr level 18 druid! But you sure gave us one hell of a laugh.

Some more pics from when Tyrande finally showed up:


  1. Awww. Look at us! I'm going to need to frame that.

  2. aww you two are so cute together.

  3. Not to burst your bubble, but that used to be a raid fight. Lots of the chain was. That was tricky to solo at 70.