Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tanking and rocket tree

This new LFG feature has been getting me a bunch of triumph badges, which I've been using to upgrade my tanking gear. My tanking gear is pretty darned decent now and I recently had the experience of tanking all of TOC! I know, I know... TOC like its that hard anymore. But when I first realized that with the raid composition of a large number of people's alts that I would have to tank, I was pretty scared. I was nervous about switching off on Gormok and then positioning the worms.

I get a little scared every time I have to tank something, just because I don't do it that often. But then I do it, and we have a run like we did where we just one shot everything and I'm like "Oh, this tanking stuff isn't that bad!" Though then again, I was in some very capable healing hands. I think a big difference for me when I'm tanking vs healing is just the spatial awareness/point of view. Its hard to see everything that's going on when there is a big boss all up in your face. We'll see how far I go with tanking.

So why is it again that the druid bear form is the only one that will hold with rockets on the Gunship battle? Why can't we have rocket tree? I mean, I know its graphically possible:

Is there some fear that rockets + tree bark = danger or something?


  1. rockets + tree bark = possible rocket malfuction causing a FIRE!

  2. Rockets + tree bark = firewood to cook the Critchicken.

  3. to prevent us trees from burning ourselves, the rocket pack would have to be rotated 90 degrees as your picture shows. and well, you probably can imagine the mayem that would occur every time we'd try to fire off the rocket pack: "watch out! tree coming through!" which would probably result in knocking a tank and dps over the side, not to mention the high chance of us going over the side.

  4. You would ignite - didn't the Wizard of Oz teach you anything, crazy tree?

  5. Imagine a rogue with about 33k health running onto the Horde Airship run around trying to pick up Saurfang. That would end with a satisfying SQUISH. Tanks can't afford loosing a GCD to regain their armor, huge ass health pool, and Survival of the Fittest. Things wouldn't end well! 0_0

    Trees, kitties, and boomkins have less to loose using a GCD to switch back to their needed forms.

  6. That was a terrible pun, K. Rocket-tree, really... :P

  7. Trial of Champions? I recently tried to heal that on my druid, and actually on my shaman before that, but had a really hard time trying to heal the last fight, the last phase mostly. Don't know if I was just doing it wrong, but I've healed most instances fine, haven't really tried healing the newer ones yet, Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron ect though. Druid's Armory

    My gear isn't all that great since I haven't played in awhile and only recently decided to keep resto as my druids main spec. Debating if I want balance or Feral bear for the other.

  8. @Joseph: I was tanking the 10 man raid version of TOC.

    In 5 man Trial of Champions, yes on the last phase of the last night, it can be heavy healing if you're short on dps. I used to tend to make sure I had my trinkets available for that phase and as soon as it started, I would throw a couple quick hots on the tank, then hot up the dps and myself, then go back to whoever needed it.

    You must stay resto! We are the kewlest! Though boomkins are cute too... and bears are all ferocious and rawr like. Anyway you decide though, you can't lose. Yay druids. :)