Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Apparently I'm shedding

Random funnies:

I think I need to keep my tree self better moisturized. Apparently I am shedding or something.

Hahaha. Fonzy/Chachi/Brboo/Poo tends to get a lot of crap from us in the guild, and I am no exception. He's a good sport about it though but I remember one raid where he stopped me in raid and opened trade to exchange Black Vitriol. Hmmm, maybe I was being extra vitriolic.

Now I know some people get crazed by the insanity that is trade chat and I know a number of guildies who keep it turned off. But every now and then I find a morsel of amusement:

People amuse me.


  1. I guess he was looking for some tank and spank.

  2. Silly people. Female prot warriors can't flirt. Their avoidance is too high.

  3. Heh funny. I'll have to remember to do the tree one to a fellow druid co-worker.

  4. Hmm, the id poster was me, sorry. My openid server freaked out heh.

  5. Madness! Everybody knows fury warriors are where it's at for action. I hear they'll dual-wield for anybody.