Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A philosophy lesson

Here is a philosophy from this blog: Karma is a bitch.

Ok, let me dial back and explain. So I'm going about my druidy day, which has lately involved a lot of herbing in good old Sholazar Basin. I often mindlessly herb while I'm chatting with others, watching tv, or talking on the phone. So I'm minding my own business, when all of a sudden, I get ninjaed by a hunter on a herb that I had landed to herb. Ok, ok, I continue on my way, only to get ninjaed again by the same hunter on the next node. WTF?

Now I'm mad. First of all, a hunter seriously? A hunter wants to challenge my herbing? Geez, at least give me a challenge with another druid or a pally with their 'fly fast thingie'. So what do I do? Well I actually say out loud "Ok, it's on now" and start flying in the direction I saw the hunter go, knowing very well that I could out herb him.

So I then spent a good amount of time flying faster to the next node (yay for not having to waste time summoning a mount!) and herbing all the nodes before the hunter even got there. When I saw the hunter deciding to switch directions, I started following him that way as well. I know... I'm evil. Repeat it with me friends, "Karma is a bitch".

After a while, it was clear that I had exerted my herbing dominance (rawr) and my bags were spilling out the wazoo with herbs and Eternal lifes. But as I shared in guild chat, I just couldn't get myself to leave the zone. I found myself staying just so that I could prevent this hunter from getting more herbs. I mean I knew that there was nothing to keep this guy from staying on all night after I logged, but still. It was the principle. I guess that would be called vindictive or spiteful herbing? As Jess commented, "Hmmm, the payback is strong in this one."


  1. I kept expecting for a great reveal at the end. The hunter was your GM on an alt, or something similar.

    As for ninja'ing nodes you might be surprised how many people have cable or other "latent" internet connections. I've actually landed to herb things, and only after the herbing bar is half-way done do I realize there is someone else standing next to me (either going back to flight form or re-mounting). I can only imagine what they're thinking about me when that happens. I usually give people the benefit of the doubt, and generally I just go a different direction to prevent crossing paths again. You've got a genuine mean streak =)


  2. LoL, that is funny, and a bit evil. I like it :)

    If I'm herbing and see someone sorta close to it fighting I'm usually paranoid to take it cuz I don;t wanna ninja, so I wait for them to kill whatever it is! Apparently the hunter didn't follow the same philosophy!

  3. I know... I know... I'm a bit evil.
    But I will have you know that I have multiple reasons that make me believe that this hunter is a gold farmer

    Is my meanness somewhat justified if it was taken against a gold farmer? Hmmm... I don't know.

  4. @ Xor - It was definitely not latency causing the hunter to accidentally ninja herbs from K. That hunter is in Sholazar day and night and has ninja'd herbs from myself and he never responds to whispers. He's commonly thought of as a chinese farmer on Drenden!

    @ K - Good times ;D

  5. A guildy had just gotten a leather working pattern for a pair of 245 bracers, and I wanted to get my hands on pair. She told me if I helped her farm the mats that she would make them for me... guildies are awesome!

    We started farming leather in Sholo and a DK shows up and starts skinning the kills that we had looted. Wrong move.

    I followed him (instant cast flight form ftw) and moonfired everything he started running towards. Even after we got the mats we needed I still kept up with my little revenge.

    Point to my story? Don't mess with druids. Swift flight form is a great way for us to fight back. =P


  6. @Presaya: Hee hee. ;)

    @Daniel: Exactly! Don't mess with us druids!