Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random funnies

Three random funnies to share today:

1. From Apokalips:

Haha. Our old friend Adamas used to emote carving "Adamas was here" into my trunk. What would your tree tattoo say?

2. I mentioned once before that prior to playing WOW, the last real game I played was Nintendo. Yes, friends Nintendo. I am pretty much brand new to this gaming and MMO thing. Anyways, so this drawing called "Mario's Closet" from GameOvr really really amused me:

Mario! So cute! And look at all his outfits!

3. Finally, this last pic has nothing to do with WOW, but it cracked me up.


  1. What a curious-looking snow-shovel.


  2. 1. my tree tatoo would say "kaynani wuz here" and "hokulea wuz here" for the times in Tempest Keep when fighting those trash mobs before Void Reaver and they would get mc'd and come pwn my tree butt. >_<

  3. My wife is a 3rd grade teacher, Im gonna forward that pic, very funny.