Monday, December 21, 2009

Icecrown update

I'm not exactly sure how many of y'all even care to hear about our adventures in Icecrown, but to satisfy Simplymod and my guildies, here is my latest Icecrown update.

The guild has been pwned lately by a very big and bad and scary boss, the dreaded holiday boss. Its been very difficult to put together full raids. But we were able to finally get some decent time this past raid week and put in a solid effort in Icecrown. There was a number of people switching in alts to fill needed roles, and we had to bring in some friends outside the guild. Some thoughts and pics.

Lord Marrowgar:

I didn't get a pic on Lady Deathwhisper. The one thing I remember thinking during Jess' raid lecture for this fight was: 'Geez, that is a serius bzness lecture. I'm glad I'm not dps'. A lot of times I'm glad all I have to do is heal and not have to worry about switching targets and blah blah blah. This would require *actually* listening and pay attention to Jess' raid lectures. The horror!

Actually in all seriousness, Jess will tell you that I probably speak up too much or give too much input on how things should be done, considering the healer's perspective. I'm always telling tanks where I would like bosses tanked... where dps should stand... or generally just how I think strats should be tweaked. Bossy tree is bossy. I think this might have been Qyburn's first experience with the dreaded K whispers where I requested some boss positioning. I told Qyburn that I only do this to tanks I like. :)

For the Gunship Battle, obligatory rocket bear pic:

On the gunship battle I was nervous about screwing up when I had to jump over to the other ship. I always failed at jumping off the platform on Thaddius. So um, the first time we did this, I flew over before we were supposed to... and before anyone else did. Oops. /sigh

Now on the second attempt, just before we got it down, Jess jumped over to the other ship. So when we got the credit for the win, Jess and Nkm were on the enemy ship. Haha oops. They had to jump overboard and sacrifice themselves to come back to loot. And oh yeah, loot. This was definitely a tanky weekend. Pretty much every single drop was not only plate, but a tanky drop. Damn Blizz! Ur doing it wrong! Healy drops first! :p

Finally, our Saurfang pic:

We took 6 dps and 2 heals for this fight and I stood near the middle where I had a great view of both sides of dps as they dealt with the beast adds. I loved seeing the dps trade aggro with each other, taunting and ccing the adds before getting them down. We had one unfortunate attempt where two of the three dps on the right side died. Poor Shat, an elemental shammy, was the only one left. I had to bite my lip so that I wouldn't crack up over vent, as the sight of a shammy running around all crazy like his ass was on fire was just hilarious to me. Run, shammy, run!

I think the Saurfang fight was my favorite of the Lower Spire. While it required some stressful healing at times, given we went with two healers, it was just a fun fight to see. I thought the part at the end where his dad comes to pick up his body was quite touching and a bit sad. I honestly felt kind of bad for him. Finally, I'm sure our hunter Kalthan never thought this would happen, but I have to publicly give our deeps props for dealing with the adds so beautifully.


  1. Even as dps, I had fun with Sarufang. Tried to heal it, but we found out the shadow deeps was just necessary to make it from nearly impossible to easy achievement.
    But, apparently my druid tanky boyfriend told me he taunted the beasts a couple times because he thought it would reach me. Yeah, have faith in my fade and my fellow ranged.

  2. grats on your kills. and i agree, healing is one of the simpler jobs: heal ppl that are losing health.

    my guild only defeated marrowgar so far. curse you holiday boss! :P

  3. Heh. Tree boss is hard!

    Yeah I too was actually a bit moved when High Overlord Varok Saurfang came to take away the body of his son.

  4. @Nianal: Hee hee. Yeah, our dk tank did also freeze some adds when he wasn't tanking just to make sure. But in general our dps definitely had them down!

    @Adeanna: The holiday boss definitely sucks. Here's to hoping you guys get some raid time together soon!

    @Jess: You should probably come up with a very detailed strategy of how to deal with the tree boss.