Friday, January 9, 2009

Obsidian Sanctum

We did Obsidian Sanctum last night. We had tried him before a week or so ago and a couple best shots got him down to 120k or so. Our first run through there last night was going ok when on the second group of trash, my laptop froze up and DCed. Seriously, it took me 45 minutes to get restarted and logged back on. Fortunately during this time the rest of the crew went and did a quick Archavon. I felt really bad. All of my work colleagues and I have been having laptop issues. When it affected work, annoying. When it affects raiding, unacceptable. I'm going to probably have to get a new personal laptop. I'm thinking one of the Macbooks.

Anyways, so after I came back, we went back to Obsidian Sanctum. We were initially having some positioning issues, but eventually got it. It became easier for Wut to just eat the waves and for me and Heidilux to heal him through them. This way we knew exactly where Wut was at all times and with Sartharion positioned the same way most of the time, we had less issues with tail whip and fire breath.

With just Heidilux and I healing, my biggest issue was running out of mana. I haven't really had any issues with running out of mana in a while, so it was probably good practice for me to get back into trying to time things and conserve just right.

All in all it was a good time. We got to use Atania's latest favorite word hitbox last night. I was also calling a lot of people my new favorite word, nubcake. There was also of course a lot of bedonkadonk talk going around, which seems to be a theme lately for our runs.


  1. Nubcake - great word! One of my fellow guildies has a DK called Nubcakes. :)

    Gratz on getting the dragon down!

  2. Going forward you guys would benefit if you solidified the tank spot so he doesn't take the waves. Otherwise you will never be able to successfully attempt Sart with 3 drakes.

  3. @sephrenia: Yay nubcakes! I don't know why I love that word so much.

    @anonymous: Yep, we know going forward the tank can't take the waves, but we figured for the first time we get him down, we'd do it this way so everyone could learn the fight.

  4. "When it affected work, annoying. When it affects raiding, unacceptable."



    And of course I totally agree ^^

  5. Heehee. I like to think, "Priorities... I haz thems".