Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kitteh loves flowurs

As Jess pointed out the other day, if you find me in Borean Tundra for any amount of time lately, it is because I am trying to farm Fire Leaf so that I can make Flask of Endless Rage.

Now's here's the funny thing about picking those Firethorns. You have a chance of getting the Fire Leaf or the Fire Seed. Apparently when you pick a Firethorn, you have a much much higher chance of getting the item that you could actually use. So if you are a toon going off of mana, nearly 80-90% of what you pick will be Fire Seed. This was the case for me when I first went to the Geyser Field area, as it was for my herb/alch partner in crime Vel.

I'm trying to pick enough Fire Leaf for both Vel and I to make flasks. I fly around in flight form, swoop down, then shift into kitty form before picking. A little more work, yes, but now I would say 70-75% of my picks are Fire Leaf. So if you are a druid herbalist trying to farm Fire Leaf, switch into kitty or bear form before picking.


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  2. As a fledgling drood who is now scouring the interweb to find the best in resto-resources, I stumbled upon your blog. Now I know where to come for some casual reading.

    DO NOT WANT big numbers and calculations concerning rotations and efficiency please.

    -Bentz, Echo Isles

    *Totally didn't mean to delete mah comment.

  3. Thanks Bentz! Yes, I am definitely not the guru on all things big numbers and calculations...