Saturday, January 24, 2009

Left Claw fashions

I've talked a lot about what our guild does... but really let's get down to what's most important, ok? How does our guild look?

Well first, here's my last couple of outfits and my fashion commentary:

Seriously, Fungi-Stained Coverings has me looking like a rogue. Here's a shot of me and Atania.

And here's me and Ata trying to confuse the warrior:

Now let's take a look at Jess:

Here are the pretty cloth wearing hot ladies of the guild. And yes, I am jealous. Have you seen above what I'm wearing now?!?

Here's our gnome Buns and our two draenei toons Ash and Heidi.

Finally, lets take a look at our boys, Bigal, Terrondris, and Wut. They clearly are shopping at the same store for their shoulder pieces. I wonder why Wut has such a scowl on his face. But if there was a theme across the three, it would have to be the hair. Let's just call them the Hirsute Trio, shall we?

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  1. Heh. That's that goofy helm I posted about on Friday. I wondered why you wanted me to try it on.