Saturday, January 10, 2009

Incubating those Oracles eggs

My second Mysterious Egg from the Oracles hatched today, and for the second week in a row, all I got was aged yolk. Sad tree. The five things that can hatch from this egg are:
White Tickbird Hatchling
Tickbird Hatchling
Cobra Hatchling
Proto-Drake Whelp
Reins of the Green Proto-Drake

I was telling my guildies that I am obviously not a good egg incubator. Then I realized the problem. With my first two eggs, I've just thrown them in the bank and waited for them to hatch. Now that's not the proper way to incubate an egg! Obviously the eggs have felt no love from me! Of course it wouldn't hatch into a pet or mount. Thus, this week I will carry my little egg every where I go. I will love it, pet it, sing songs to it, and keep it nice and warm. It better hatch into a pet next Saturday or else...


  1. I keep my egg(s) with me all the time and there's still a chance I get aged yolk. But the chances of getting a lifeform doesn't seem to be too shabby, I have all 3 hatchlings and until I get the whelp and drake I probably won't change sides (for achievements).

    Then again, gorlocs are cute.

  2. Love it, hug it, check it daily (or even hourly). My very first one just hatched into a Cobra. I'm very happy given my complete lack of luck with the Crocs fishing.

    Keep an eye on the AH for them too - they don't list under pets at the moment and I think people are missing seeing them. I managed to snag a White Tickbird Hatchling for 180g.