Monday, January 12, 2009

The Left Claw ventures into Naxx

This weekend was our guild's first foray into Naxx. Over the weekend, we finished the Arachnid and Plague quarters. My thoughts/impressions:

Here we are with the Arachnid quarter's first boss Anub'Rekhan. I don't really remember anything too particular with this guy, other than thinking that he looked kinda cute and cuddly to me (for a beetle) and that he'd make a very cute mini pet. I didn't get screenshots of the next two bosses in this wing. Grand Widow Faerlina was pretty standard I thought. If anything, I thought we were close to killing some of worshippers too soon. Our offtank BigMu was softening them up too much. Now we did have some trouble with Maexxna. The two healers had some trouble keeping Wut up during his frenzy. However, as it is with all big spiders, his/her life did come to an exterminated end.

Now in the Plague quarter, we started with Noth. Our first try at him went sixteen minutes. Yes, one-six. It was insane. I innervated three times. It started to get comical around the ten minute mark. Thank goodness we had three healers this night. Our next and successful try at him was much shorter.

My favorite encounter so far has to be Heigan and his little safety dance. Here's a shot during the encounter.

Its not a great screenshot, but I wanted to try to capture the crazy green eruptions. For the first attempt, it was only Jess who made it successfully across the floor during the phase two eruptions. I died again on the second attempt. I think what happened to a lot of folks was turning around quickly enough in the final fourth safe zone to run back in to zone three.

We then had a couple of attempts where the only ones left when we went back to phase one was Jess and two healers. But eventually the group figured out the positioning and timing, and I think it was our fifth attempt when we got him down with eight of us up.

Now the last guy in the Plague quarter is Loatheb. After a lot of work up and concern about the fact that we could heal 3 out of every 20 seconds, he ended up being a big nubcake. It probably helped that we had a tree and two priests healing. With my hots and the priests huge group heals, he was oneshot.

All in all it was a successful first weekend of raiding. I generally just performed the following rotation: heal - heal - heal - trinket - heal - heal - heal - fire seed - heal - heal - heal - innervate - heal - heal - heal - make fun of Jess - heal - heal - heal - rinse and repeat.

Afterwards, I had to think back to our first experience in raiding nearly a year ago in Kara. This weekend in Naxx we finished six bosses. In Kara, it took us much much longer to do the first six bosses up to Illhoof. Yes, we are better geared for Naxx now than we were for Kara then... plus we are more experienced with raiding. I know that the second half of Naxx is going to be much more difficult than the first. However, its kinda crazy to me that we're already halfway through it.


  1. Jess dances very well. Now if I can just get that audition maybe I can quite this damn welding job.

  2. ...And learn to proofread my posts first.

  3. Yep Brian, I did get a new chest piece... more detailed post around this is in the works. :)