Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy birthday to me!

Well not really to me, but to this blog... which is written by me... so is me? (/sigh) Yes, I started this little blog one year ago today. In the past year, I've posted 167 times. I've done posts where I've ranted, posts where I've poked fun at guildies, talked about my experience with pvp, shared my incredibly silly, dorky and geeky research side, and fishing... of course lots of fishing. And oh yeah, healing of course... healing in general and healing as a resto druid. Oh and of course noobishness has been scattered all over this blog... but that would be too many posts to mention.

In a way its crazy to think this blog has been going for a year, but in another way it seems like its been longer. Its funny to look back on my first post, where I say:

"I don't intend for this blog to really give any insights that haven't already been given elsewhere, I mean 9 million people (so they say) play this game! Am I going to come up with anything ground shattering? No... I also probably won't be doing complicated calculations on spirit vs +5 mana or some intense strategy discussions. Instead I thought it'd be fun to have a place to start tracking my adventures in game, post funny screen shots, and basically just share my point of view.

"As K nears end game I would really like her to be able to see some of the current end game stuff. But I don't think I will ever be able to be hard core and dedicate 3-4 nights a week. So I guess that would make me a casual raider. But just because I intend casual, it doesn't mean I won't be serious or dedicated to the game, learn new instances, come prepared, or work on getting better gear and becoming a better player. Can we do it? Let's see!

Its interesting to see how far we've come as a guild (from a tiny tiny group doing no raiding to a larger guild doing Kara, ZA, and planning some 25 mans), funny to see my definition of hard core at the time, and to see how far this blog has come. For a long time I just thought of this blog as a place to be silly and track what we were doing and thought of Jess as the only person reading it. It boggles my mind sometimes that others actually find some value or humor (even if you're laughing at me) in this blog.

I think this blog has been a nice complement to the game that I play. I think knowing that I have blog posts to do has made me think about the game more than if I was just playing it. I've enjoyed sharing my stories and crazy thoughts in the past year. Thanks to Phaelia for being my inspiration to start this blog and for basically being the master big sister resto druid to all of us. Thanks to Jess for being my tank, GM (even if we make fun of you when you are giving 10 minute dissertations for boss instructions), and fellow blogger. To all you readers, thank you. Thanks for advising me, helping me, correcting me, amusing me, and inspiring me. Thanks for reading. Here's to another year!


  1. Ooh, happy birthday! Or is it blogday? Birthblogday?

    I dunno, whatever it is, gratz!

  2. Or maybe its blogaversary? Is it a birthday or anniversary?

    I've definitely appreciated all your insightful comments over the past year. Thanks Nasirah!

  3. Yay! Um...excuse me for a bit.

    /emote frantically looks through her bank to find a suitable present.

  4. I'm a bit stunned by the fact, that this blog exists for a whole year now. Although I started reading this blog in early January I do get a feeling of remembering some posts just like they were made yesterday (sounds like an old man, eh?).

    I think among a very few other inspirations this blog was one of the main reasons for me to level a druid to 70 and start healing (although I must admit, that I have a healer quite often forcing me specc feral and do some tanking, but hey....she's my healer and so she HAS to force me to do things).

    All best wishes for your raiding success and general tree-lifestyle :)

  5. Happy Blogday!
    congrats! and keep writing..

  6. Happy Blogday AND Anniversary! :D

    Our little K is all grown up...I'm so proud!!!

    Here's to many, many more. :)

  7. Woot! Is much celebratificizings!


  8. @jess: don't tell me you forgot and were unprepared?!?!

    @simplymod: you've always had the nicest things to say to me, so many many thanks.

    @pugnaciouspriest, kestrel, and ratters: thanks my fellow bloggers!