Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More noobishness

A while back I commented about my noobishness around not having known that there were purple, orange, and green gems. I have no clue what it is about the mining/jewelcrafting professions that I am so clueless about, but I just discovered something else last week.

There I am on a bright sunny day, fishing and picking up some Fel Iron Ore. I had just recently downloaded Enchantrix, which I had never used. So I look at the ore and the enchantrix data says 17% chance of being prospected into blah blah blah. I'm like what? What is that? And I see that it mentions the two draenites, deep peridot, blood garnet... all those green gems I buy on the AH to do my diamond transmutes. Then all of a sudden a lightbulb goes off. What? Is ore turned into these gems? Kinda like how gear is disenchanted?

So I quickly whisper Jess to find out more. "Uh, yes, K" Jess replies. OMG (sorry Atania, no OMG warning there)! I knew that I never saw any ore nodes for these green gems. I think I just figured that there were places for them that only miners knew about, places that I just never came across. But I do fly around all of outland herbing... and still never saw any such nodes. Seriously, where did I think golden draenite came from? Did I think they just fell out of the sky? Or as Vel suggested, the golden draenite goose? It boggles my mind that I just now figured this out. (bonks forehead in total noobishness)


  1. Team K clearly needs more alts with varying professions to help tear down this ziggurat of newbishness.

  2. I know... except I am totally a mainaholic. I'm proud my priest alt just hit 50 (and she was started a year and a half ago?).

    But heh... you said ziggurat. Seems like a big word for a simple orc?