Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'd also like some warm nuts please

My real life job has me typically traveling every week. This can be tiring and stressful, but a nice perk to it is that you accrue a lot of status, frequent flier miles, and upgrades. Thus, most of the time when I fly for work or pleasure, I fly first class.

Why do I mention this? Well its not so bad in the Outlands, but the flight time between some places in Azeroth is just ridiculous. I think we should be able to pay some more money to get a faster first class gryphon to fly between places. And yes, I'd like some warm nuts please. If not, at least give me a movie!


  1. Or at least a book to read inflight.. or even a blackberry/iphone equiv so that you can send mail/read messages...

  2. Sounds like some of the UA forums. More hot nuts. Been a couple years since I've read that.