Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Overheard around the mana cooler this week

A lot of times there are little things said here and there within the guild that aren't enough to mention one by one. So I thought I'd compile a couple from the last week or so that I thought was funny.

1. Keredria: I should be able to hibernate Adamas when he gets too rowdy in bear or cat form.

2. Kaho: So where did we get the name The Left Claw from?
Daihiro: Its because on a crab, the left claw has the most meat.
Keredria: Because if there's one thing we are, its meaty!

3. Keredria: My cable and internet were out for a while today!
Niobar: Oh, is it back now?
Keredria: Um, I'm on here now aren't I?
Niobar: Withdraws question...

4. (during a heroic Bot run in reference to some mobs that you shouldn't engage when they're red)
Jessika: But isn't red a color of good luck in China?
Keredria: Yes, but this is Bot Jess, not China.

There is a pvp belt, Guardian's Kodohide Belt that I am grinding marks and rep for because it is better than my current pvp and pve belt. So there I am doing AB runs to get the 40 marks needed. Fortunately I did have 22 already in the bank. I finished with 41 marks over 15 AB runs, with a final record of 2-13. Yes, 2 wins, 13 losses. It was painful. I told my guildies that no one is to even put the first two letters of the English alphabet together in a word to me any time soon, so that means don't say ABsolutely... ABdominal... ABacus...

I'm sure that anyone who runs a lot of battlegrounds has posted these kinds of pet peeves before. But why is it that Alliance often goes into a match thinking/expecting to lose? Yes, I understand that we are often outmatched by the Horde, but why don't we even try? Also why is it that the person whining the most that we suck and don't know what we're doing is the one who never does anything? In a number of my matches, when someone would start berating everyone else, I'd pop open the bg table and see where they were in damage or healing. There was one guy once who was at the very very bottom of the dmg list, with no healing. So of course I had to chime in, saying that maybe if he would shut up, start playing, and do more damage, we would do better?

I was in another match where two folks sat back in Trollbane Hall for the first half of the match. After I sent repeated afk notices for them, I guess they got some notice (I don't know what happens when you are marked afk in a bg), because they came down to the stables area, hit one thing, then yelled that whoever tried to boot us afk, it didn't work. They stood in the little shack behind the stables for the rest of the match.

So to you, Ganighmava and Apruder of the guild Constant Fear on the Antonidas server, a big F you to you from me. (You guys know I never name names on here... but these punks just got me too pissed off).


  1. hehe *waters keredria*

    much love, kaho.

  2. I find afkers to be rather ABsurd....wait...oh crap...*runs and hides*

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Kaho has become my personal waterboy. He keeps me hydrated.

    @Kaeja: lol!