Thursday, May 29, 2008

WOW iPhone

I've mentioned before how I am not the most techy person. I have never been someone who has the latest and greatest gadget. This is why it is so shocking that I bought an iPhone the other day. Why? Well I needed a new phone (I believe my battery is about to die), plus I had wanted to get an iPod as well (yes, I am one of those few who never had one). Add to that the fact that I am already an AT&T customer, the service carrier for the iPhone, so the decision was sort of easy.

Now, you guys probably have seen elsewhere that your iPhone can be customized with WOW pics! Hmmm... options options. Well this one here looks nice, but do I really want the WOW logo emblazoned across my iPhone? Or do I want to keep my WOW under wraps a little more? I'm imaging pulling out my phone in a business/work related function and having my practice partner or some client seeing my phone....

This one is cute. I love the dreaming glory icon for the photos. Herbalism FTW! And the innervate pic for the weather. Yay druids! Is that heavy knothide leather for calendar? Hmmm... what other options do I have?

This one uses starfire for the weather... and our bear form icon. Oh and there's a scroll of strength or agility for settings!

Hmmm here's another option that has more icons. I sort of wish I could mix and match the icons I like. But that would require some sort of technical know how... of which I have little. What do y'all think?


  1. Hey Kere,

    Grats on your iPhone! I just bought a 16gb iPhone myself (unlocked, jailbroken, and activated) and am running it on T-Mobile with much success. If you need any recommendations on applications/games, let me know!

    Regarding mixing and matching the icons, or making your own, it's not nearly as hard as you'd think, just hit me up and I'll guide you through it, you'll be making / using what you want in no time.

    Oh, and I'm working on iPhone-formatted website that allows you to query the WoW Armory on your iPhone, =D

    Hit me up on Twitter (Elad) or on AIM (ForksOfTheSalad) and I'll be glad to give you a helping hand, =)

  2. Oooo... pretty!

    Seriously, if I had any recommendations, I would use the last bunch of icons. Those seem the coolest and the most functional (i.e. easy to intrepret).

    And I would definitely use a WoW theme on your iPhone. Anyone at work who looks at your cellphone is highly rude and needs to be lambasted! I mean it is not like y u are using a Murloc cry for your ringtone, right... ? >:-)

  3. Thanks Saladfork (so what... do you just really like salad?). I would definitely love to make my own icons... maybe a Fel Lotus, Primal Water, some druid specific icons, and some fishing icon definitely! I will be contacting you for sure.

    OMG Barona... that is the funniest thing I've ever heard... the murloc cry as your phone ring!

  4. If you do end up setting up your own icons, I just thought I'd point out that the weather icon isn't really Innervate. It's an icon from the Shaman talent tree. Still looks cool, but if you were going to set up a personalized theme, I just thought you might want to go with the real deal.

  5. So where can I get all those goodies for my iPod Touch??

  6. Keredria, I haven't heard from you yet. Are you still interested?

  7. Oh I am still interested. I just have had a crazy weekend and am proud of myself for having put in all my contacts!

    Hopefully I can get onto the more fun parts of the iphone this week. You will most certainly be hearing from me. :)