Thursday, May 22, 2008

A little quiz

Do you all remember doing analogies on the SATs? Well a little quiz for y'all:

1. K:Pure Water ::
a. Wutan:Heroic Shattered Halls
b. Wutan:Heroic Slave Pens
c. Wutan:Heroic Shadow Labs
d. Wutan:Heroic Sethekk

2. K:Fel Lotus ::
a. Imdestiny:black
b. Imdestiny:orange
c. Imdestiny:purple
d. Imdestiny:red

Answers. 1.b. Its sorta become an ongoing joke for the guild... Wut is all about Heroic Slave Pens. He's got it down where you basically spent like an hour or so rushing through it. I did it with him the first time the other night and its such an easy 3 badges of justice, plus we got a lot of shards and Nio got a Primal Nether. Easiest way to pick up 3 badges? Heroic SP. Do it.

2.c. Well Dest is a shadow priest, so of course the answer would be c. This means she will only shackle targets that are marked with a purple diamond. Hee hee. She is not willing to shackle orange circles, yellow stars, or silver moons, so don't even ask her. Actually, are marks kinda universal or is it guild by guild or person by person dependent? For us I think moons are saps... stars are sheeps... and blue squares are traps.

Anyways, I am off for a long girls vacation weekend in San Diego! Have a great holiday weekend everyone!


  1. Heh, marks must not be universal...

    I only shackle stars, square is trap, triangle is sap, and all the rest are sheeps.

  2. Marks are totally not universal :)!

    For instance - I get totally confused if people don't give me a star for my sap!

    For me Square is trap, Star is sap, Moon is Sheep, Skull is first target, Cross is second, Diamond is banish, Triangle is hibernate, Cookie is offtank.


  3. I use moon for sheep because you know, counting sheep...moon...ZzzZzZZzzzZZz

  4. But I wonder how many other folks call the green triangle the "thong" (although maybe it's more of a French cut). Traditionally we give this mark to targets to be sapped by our rogue Atania as she has been known to complain that all she gets to see is butt cracks in instances.

  5. Our guild's main healer pally... "put's her thong on" (green triangle) when she needs to be the go to location target... lika nightbane fight.

    If it's a guy marking the location, she demands he "put his condom on..." (circle)

    My guild has issues.

  6. Not sure what my groups normally use for sap...I don't run with a lot of rogues. Normally Square for trap, Moon is sheep, Star is shackle, and anything else is basically free game for those who can CC...or fodder for our pally tanks. ;)

    Good Hunting,

  7. I think the Square is universally the trap. It looks like a block of ice.

    Same for Moon - it's almost always the sheep.

    Sapping Stars makes sense too. You make the target see stars by whacking them over the head with a sap.

    I usually mark Seduce with the Triangle. Seems fitting.

    Skull and X being first and second target is quite common as well.

    The rest are not "keyed"