Monday, May 5, 2008

What I know

I have a bunch of random things I wanted to share... so I thought I'd just list them all in one post as things I know.

1. Being in a female dominated guild rocks:
Ok some of our guys probably have a little issue with the word dominated. However I find it amusing that in a game that is male dominated, our guild and our Kara runs have had more gals than guys. Us ladies like to say that this is the reason for our early success in Kara. Heh heh.

2. What you say can be misinterpreted:
So yes, we have more gals than guys. However both sexes are apt to jokingly take things you say and turn them into a lets just say adult interpretation. This seems to increase the later it gets. The other night I was trying to just take Wut's name out of the raid group into a window on my screen. But I couldn't bring it out. I was yelling on vent "Ugh I can't get Wut's thing out!!!" You can imagine the adult interpretation and jokes that followed.

3. Getting your vent server hacked is annoying... but funny:
There we were, clearing trash to Chess when all of a sudden we had a couple of intruders on our vent server that Wut got for us. They came on, grumbled a couple of things, then proceeded to blare some loud rap music. I think Jess and a couple others were quite annoyed, whereas Adamas got all pumped up, and I couldn't stop laughing. At first I thought someone said these were Wut's friends, which wasn't the case. I was joking that Wut must secretly be a gangster rapper in real life. So anyone else had their vent server hacked? Why do they do this? Just to be annoying? They can't get anything from it can they?

4. Let me introduce you to karma:
You know that Intercepting the mana cells daily up in blades edge? Well I think we have all experienced rude people from both factions who will come and loot the little pink box while you are fighting the mana worm. I used to get quite annoyed by this. Not any more. As soon as this happens, I go into flight form and basically camp this person and follow them around. I wait until they engage a mana worm, then swoop down and loot the pink box they were going for. Then I fly off, laughing and saying to myself "Payback's a bitch aint it?" Wow, what a vindictive healer I am. But people please, karma exists... in real life and in WOW. I guess this is just my little way of introducing karma to these folks. Is it just a coincidence that karma starts with the letter K? I think not.

5. Alchemists should be taking advantage of transmutes without a cooldown:
Did you all know that [Recipe:Transmute Arcanite] has no cooldown? For some quick gold this past weekend, I bought Arcane Crystals for about 9-10g each, Thorium bars for about 1g each, then sold the Arcanite Bars for 25g each. In 2 minutes I was able to make a profit equivalent to doing 6 dailies. Cha-ching.

6. You just can't keep a good cow down:
I participated in BRK and Ratshag's Running of the Bulls on Saturday with a Tauren druid I created named Kiridririe (hee hee). I love this kinda stuff, it cracks me up. Despite horrible lag, it was a fun time. The run was from Mulgore to Hammerfall. I tried to practice the survival skills I learned from watching the Discovery Channel. Basically stay in the middle of the pack so that scary bears and spiders can pick off those running on either side of you.

After Hammerfall, the group decided to storm IF. Now this was even more hilarious to me. A huge mass of cows mooing and dying from the gates of IF to the tram! The IF guards and a number of ally characters obviously one-shotted us over and over again. However we all came back and basically corpse ran ourselves to the tram. Like I said, you can try, but what I know is that you just can't keep a good cow down. A big memorial Moo to Sharvan to whom the race was dedicated!


  1. Wow big post!

    1. Indeed. However I am not looking forward to now having to field a large number of requests to join our guild from single men. Guys, the claw women are either taken or total b******, or both. ;)

    2. No comment. My sides still hurt from laughing.

    3. Grrr. I was annoyed and worried that we'd have trash spawn on top of us while we were fussing with the server. It was nice though that most of the raid was more amused than anything else.

    4. Heh heh. The tree has thorns.

    5. Sounds too complicated for a tank to understand.

    6. Why are the cows purple? Moo.

  2. 1. female dominated guild
    Good fer you. Dominates away.

    2. I is so tempted to run with this, but I's strong and can resist.

    5. Gots to love easy money.

    6. Thanks so much fer coming. BRK and me were real excited by how many came, and was thrilled to see everyone having a good time.

    Oh, and the purple shirts was fer Sharvan, Jess. It were her favorite color.

  3. Makes me sad that I missed the running of the bulls. It was on my server and I didn't even know it D=

  4. My thought is this... what guy wouldn't want to be dominated by hot ladies? Let's just be real here!