Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blogging and WOW friendship thoughts

The last five days or so were interesting in terms of blogging. First, Ratshag emails Jess and I saying that there is a pic of us on some WOW Insider article but that strangely, the article itself didn't mention either of us or link to our blogs. I think Ratshag was a little more offended than either of us were, but I did think it was a bit odd. If there is a cardinal rule of blogging, I thought it was "Give credit where credit is due". Im not 100% certain that they really meant to give us the shaft since the picture did link to an old post of mine, but it wasn't 100% clear either. Anyways, Ratshag gave a big boo here and they ended up amending the article. Beware the power of Ratshag!

Then a day or so later, WOW Insider puts up another article about my post on real vs WOW locations. Thanks to everyone who commented and gave some other great similarities. Perhaps I need to do a part 2 to that post with the pictures of the new places. I do have to say again that a number of the places I posted just bear strong similarities, I'm not saying that they are identical reproductions. I was just theorizing (is that an actual word?), though I believe some of those are pretty damn close.

Anyways... hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. I spent it in a colder and rainier than usual San Diego with 3 girlfriends from college. It had been a while since the 4 of us spent 3 days straight together. Typically our friendships are probably like most other adult friendships when you live in different states, phone calls maybe once every couple of weeks to catch up, emails here and there.

But think how often we are on WOW. We probably typically talk to our friends in WOW almost every day, don't we? There are definitely things that Jess knows about me more quickly or in greater detail as they happen than my real life friends do. What's funny is that my real life best friend's name is Jessica as well. The real life Jess and WOW life Jess do know about each other and I will often say to one "Well the other Jess thought so too... or the other Jess said this..." when I am seeking advice. Jessika the tank doesn't blink an eye when I say this, Jessica the real life friend, still thinks its odd.

I also think that there is a part of the online aspect of the friendship that makes it easier to confide to each other. Its interesting, but there have been certain things that I have been more reluctant to share with my real life friends, girls who have known me for over 10 years, because well... they know me... and I may have been unsure of what they would think about me or the situation. But on the otherhand, your online friends know you, but they've never met you. So with certain things, you could feel more comfortable getting an opinion or feedback on an issue from a WOW friend because you are still sort of anonymous to them. This means they sort of know you on a different level than your real life friends... but your WOW friends don't completely know you because they've never met you. Ok now I'm confused, but you guys know what I mean, right?

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  1. Yeah, no worries, K, we knows what you mean.

    I ain't surprised what the WI story bothered me more'n it did you. Probablies woulda bothered me a lot less if it'd involved me, 'stead of me friends. Or even strangers. Which were why I wanted ta check with ya before I went shooting me mouth off.

    I started off adventuring only with RL friends fer like a year. But I's been finding me new friendships from blogging and adventuring to be surprisingly fun and rewarding and enjoyable and very, very real. And on occasion very sad, but I wouldn't trade none of them fer nuthin'.