Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kara update... running with two trees

I would say that last week was our first serious week back at raiding Kara. We were held up by Shade last week once again. This past week we did Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, and Opera the first night. It was our first look at Romulus and Juliet, which was cool. Then the second night, we did Curator, Shade, Chess, and Illhoof. It was funny because Shade was so much easier with Buns, our warlock (who has never been with us to Shade before). Buns definitely showed those elementals who was boss. After we got him down, Buns says 'Oh, that wasn't so bad'! We're like, uh... that's because you were with us?

We did Chess for the first time last week, so this was our second week at it. Last week I had no idea what was going on, so it was a little more fun this week when I knew what to do.

Next we went to Illhoof and the first try, I think we had too much dps on his minion, instead of Illhoof or the imps. After we figured this out, we got Illhoof down on our second attempt.

It was then pretty late, but we thought we'd go take a peek at Prince. We did one shot at him, which didn't go too well. But at least now we kinda know what the fight looks like. I sort of can't believe we are at Prince already. It kinda makes me sad in a way... we are towards the end of Kara! Oh but here's a funny shot of us. I can't remember now where we were going, but we were all bunched up in this corner to break line of sight, and then to AOE stuff. Of course there were jokes that someone wasn't using deodorant... or that someone's butt was pinched!

Now you may have noticed from the pics I've shared so far, that there are two trees! Yes, another resto druid Tobein has been running with us. Its been cool because I kinda know how he will heal and how long his heals will take to cast. It's sorta like healing with my twin! Plus its nice that we have two trees to give the tree of life healing buff to both groups. I am a bit concerned whether two resto druids can heal Jess through Prince, given how hard he hits. I'm thinking maybe we could put Jess and Wut in a group with both Tobe and myself next time... so that our group gets double the tree of life healing buff... 25% of my spirit and 25% of Tobe's spirit. Two trees though... total win.


  1. I'm pretty sure the ToL aura doesn't stack unfortunately. :(

  2. If I remember correctly, it does actually stack. It's just hard to run kara with two druids as we don't have the same large heals available (at least until you and your tank get geared enough).

    And don't be sad about finishing kara, you can work on ZA and all of its fun times next! :P

  3. yeah... we accidently had both druids in one group one time and the other group members said they saw two little leaf buffs on the corner of their screen. we may have to do some tests to see if its really stacking.