Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What 4.3 means to me

Hooray happy patch day! So what does 4.3 mean to the guild and I? Several things.

1. Back to mom and dad fighting: Jess and I have done every new 5 man that was come out since back in BC. We have this tradition of doing them together on the first night. What does this mean? Well, typically it means a return to some form of bickering.

The bickering tends to center around me getting eaten by adds and telling Jess to tank better while Jess yells that I have to stand closer to him. I point to the first boss in Halls of Reflection before warrior tanks got whatever they got to improve aoe threat. Oh and the gauntlet part of Halls of Reflection wasn't easy that first night either. More recently, Jin'do in ZG caused lots of bickering between us as well as I got nom-nomed to death by the ghosts.

I'm not sure exactly which 5 man boss will do it for us this patch, but I know it'll happen. Probably on a boss with a lot of adds? Though we've been noting that it has been too long since we've bickered, and that's it's about time we do so again.

2. Endless BGs: With the change to conquest points, I expect to be back to doing a ton of bgs again. I am going to try to remind myself that I don't need to get all of last seasons gear in one week. Though this weekend is AB weekend (my favorite) so we'll see how well I remember that...

I do think that this change is going to affect the level of competition we've seen in bgs lately. Folks who have maxed out on their gear haven't had the need to do bgs lately. This has meant that we've often found ourselves in bgs with a ton of undergeared people. I'm looking forward to seeing well geared ally on my bg teams again.

3. See if our guild luck changes: I'm curious to see how our guild luck changes in Tier 13. Ironically enough this past Sunday night, we had our first ever warrior shammy hunter token drop in Tier 12 off Rag. And ironically enough (yes! lots of irony here!) The helm isn't something either Jess or Bruenok would use. They need the shoulder tokens but the helm tokens not so much. Sigh.

I'm also betting that whatever our rogue Violent has to collect for his legendary daggers will drop like hotcakes. Just because that is the kind of lucky bastard that he is.

4. Being out of fashion?: The staff and the mace never dropped for us. Sigh. I guess I'll hope to pick up something from the new 5 mans as soon as I can. However there is no piece from the 5 mans with both spirit and haste on it. Sad. I guess I have to let go of expecting or wishing for both of those stats.

So I am going into Tier 13 today with a Tier 11 weapon. Lawl. It's as if I showed up to a party today wearing these:

Though actually high waisted pants, skinny jeans, and shoulder pads have made a comeback. See, so I'm just being all up to date with the current trend of retro fashion by going into Tier 13 with my Tier 11 weapon. Don't you guys just wish you were as fashionable as I?

Though seriously, if these really make a comeback, I'm done:


  1. Psh, my shield (and doll) predate raids! And my axe, while sweet looking, has gobs of tear-inducing Mastery. And now all my gear/reforging is invalid since Spirit went from sucking to my main regen stat :(

    RIP judging. You will be missed.

    I swear, if I start ending fights sub 90% mana, it's on, Blizz!

  2. @Lorosia: I can't even believe you have the nerve to bring up that doll to me. The nerve!

    And here I was about to be sympathetic to the changes to your mana regen...

  3. I think we can come together in realizing that the drop rate for healing gear is a screwjob.

  4. Update: Well the new heroics were a bit of a disappointment. We didn't fight at all! I guess there's still potential for some bickering in Dragon Soul.

    P.S. Chanti and I would like to reiterate that we're STILL using the crafted 359 shields.

  5. Yeah it was almost kind of disappointing how easy they were.

    And like I said last night, you guys can't compare the situation with my staff to your shields. If I was complaining about having an old off hand maybe... but this is a staff! So your shield situation is only half as dire as mine. Plus I'm more important anyways.

  6. Our shaman got her first hat upgrade since T11 this week... a straight jump to t13! Poor Muj, Rag just refused to drop a hat for her, too :(

    I still want my fire-cat staff. When we saw it drop (twice: once normal and once heroic), the feral was a meanie-head and took it both times, proclaiming some nonsense about main spec vs offspec. WHO DOES THAT?! ;)

  7. @ Lor: Look for the hammer that drops from Azshara in the new instance. It's crit, but at least can help proc Infusion of Light.

    I don't blame you re: holding on to the crafted shield. Even the new 378 one that drops from 4.3 instances has only 10 intellect points more (taking into account gemming and enchanting the crafted one), and has mastery in place of spirit.

    @ K: I was getting so tired of those green-bladed spaulders. Thank the Light for transmogrification!

    The nice thing about the new instances is that Nico (he may not raid anymore, but he's still my boy) is gearing up quickly. Lots of new toys to be had.