Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dusting off the pets and boo to statistics

So the whole pet combat thing coming in the next expansion... a part of me finds it hard to understand why people are so aghast at it. Not everyone at max level raids. Not everyone at max level pvps. This is just another option for people to spend their in-game time. You think it's childish and don't want to do it? Then don't. No one is forcing all players to raid or pvp either.

I for one am slightly concerned about the possible huge time sink with it. I want to see what its like, but don't want to get completely sucked in since I do raid and I do pvp. Maybe it'll just take the time I used to spend doing archaeology.

Anyways, I have thought about which pets I'd want to level and battle. First it'd have to be my sproutling. I hope as part of her combat animation, there is a tree punch. Kapow! I should start bring the sproutling out more to get her prepared. I probably need to find some Red Bull for her so she stops falling asleep, which could be a problem with this combat thing. Secondly, I'd bring out old Sebastian, my name for my Magical Crawdad. He will pinch your pet to death! Sigh... hopefully I don't end up spending more time on it than I want to admit...

So in guild news, we have been clearing Rag a couple of weeks so we've decided to dip our toes into hurroics. Post nerf, there hasn't been enough fighting between Jess and I on vent. So we'll see how the heroics go.

This past Sunday was my first raid in a bit after moving to Seattle and finally getting internet. You know while I was away from raiding for about two weeks, I expected the boys to be sitting around all sad and mopey raiding without me. I expected them to miss my delicious feasts and my sass and sarcasm. Instead their conversations centered around what they would do if the Smoldering Censer of Purity dropped while I wasn't there. Specifically, ideas around how they would rub it in my face. Fortunately the staff did not drop during my absence, but to the boys in my guild... I hate you all.

So Jess wasn't there for the raid this past Sunday. I did have to note that we killed Rag in less attempts under my leadership than in a sausage party raid that Jess led the week prior that I wasn't there for (hence the sausage party, in case there was any confusion there :p). I told Jess that this all proves that I am a better raid leader than he is. To me this is obvious, no? But Jess responded with "sample size of n=1 proves nothing oh sausageless one".

Sigh. Damn evil statistics.


  1. Just so long as there's no pinching of thighs, I could see myself going Team Sebastian.

  2. I think the key to our victory is my new hat, really.