Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Running out of passwords and other stuffs

O'hai there! Long time no see! It's been a crazy couple of weeks as I packed everything up in Chicago and did the move here to Seattle. I got to Seattle this past Sunday night after a long ass drive. I found North Dakota and Montana quite stunning though, and had unbelievable luck running into several bison herds in a national park in western ND.

Over the last 2 months I have logged into WoW from many locations. Two separate towns in NC, then Chicago, NM, Seattle, ND, and eastern WA. Battle.net seems to let me in with the authenticator when I log in from one new location. But then as soon as I head to a second new location without returning to my previous Chicago home, my account gets blocked for suspicious activity. My account has been blocked for suspicious activity three times in the last two months. I'm running out of passwords to use that I will remember! Stop blocking me! It's called I travel a lot! /sigh

With packing, then moving/driving cross country, and now settling in, I haven't been raiding. I don't get internet at home until this Saturday because I have to wait for my stuff to be delivered from Chicago. The boys have been raiding just fine though while I've been gone. I told them to enjoy their sausage party raids. I know they miss me though, even if they don't want to admit it. Who else would be there to micromanage them?

Micromanaging or love? Hmmm. I choose the latter. And maybe if the boys wouldn't give me things that I have to micromanage them about, I wouldn't have to micromanage them. Circular argument is circular?

Anyways, the last raid that I was in, I took out my brand new chopper mount that I bought for fun. Though apparently my chopper needs to come with a warning label. Isaiah jumped in while we were waiting to pull on Rhyolith and asked me to drive him around. Instead I ended up pulling the boss and the entire raid wasn't there yet. Then on a run back, Sam jumped in but I wasn't paying attention and I pulled some trash and we died. When we zoned back in, I did the exact same thing AGAIN. Seriously I have issues.

So Jess sent me a link to the New York Times article on BlizzCon, which I am sure has been noted elsewhere. Is media and general public perception changing? I don't know. Let's let my old favorite Chuck and Beans speak on that:


  1. have you tried the dial-in authenticator if you are traveling a lot?

  2. Hmmm I just use the app on my iphone because its super easy and I always have it on me.