Monday, August 22, 2011

Why is it that...

1. ...achievement tracking keeps getting reset?

I always have a number of achievements tracked on my UI. For over a week now it keeps resetting every time I relog back in. WTF? Anyone know what is going on?

2. ...doing BGs seem less an event against the Horde and more against your fellow alliance?

This past weekend was Eye weekend. Ugh. If I have to say one more time that 3 towers>middle/flag... When you are down 3 towers to 1 and 75% of your team is still standing around in the middle (when its clear Horde are holding the flag), all I have to say is FFS. I ended up giving up on Eye yesterday and going back to my old stand by Arathi Basin.

3. ...we have such a limited sell back window?

I finally finished up Loremaster of Cataclysm this past weekend, finishing up all the Vashj quests 8 months after most people (heh). With all the quest rewards you get, plus all the random stuff you get off mobs, they really need to increase the number of sell back slots. Twelve slots is definitely not enough when you are hard core questing.

4. arch nemesis keeps getting upgrades?

I've blogged plenty about my arch nemesis, he of the endless mana, our pally healer Lorosia. Can I just say that Lorosia has gotten like 4 drops from Firelands so far and I have gotten none! Zero! Zilch! Nada! It's just so so so wrong... grrrr. Freakin' pallys...

5. ...our guild has gotten screwed on RNG lately?

The Left Claw seems to have the worst luck with the RNG boss lately. Baradin Hold seems to only drop pvp gear or pve gear for classes not in our raids. And Chogall, the little f'er, will only drop the pally/priest/warlock shoulder tokens! I will now never forget the fact that pallys/priests/warlocks share the tokens because the number of times that we've said "Pally/priest/warlock again?!?!? FFS!"...

6. ...I haven't blogged in a bit?

There have been a number of RL decisions I've had to make lately. I mentioned a while back that I went to Seattle to interview for a job. Well, ultimately I got the job and I have made the decision to accept the offer. Yes, this means that I am moving to Seattle! Holy crap! I anticipate a bit of an erratic raiding and blogging schedule for the next 3 months as I not only deal with the stress of a new job, but with moving to Seattle as well.


  1. Gratz on the job!! And best wishes with the move :)

  2. Those shoulders are the only ones that drop for us too! We keep going back because we have three healers that would like the trinket. We've killed him probably a dozen times now. In that time 10 PPW shoulders and no trinkets. Ugh.

  3. Not just cheesment tracking, quest tracking is also resetting. It happened after the last mini-patch.

    :: grumble ::

  4. Congrats on the new job!!!!

    Anytime you want to bring another priest in on a chogall kill for tokens, I'll make myself available. hehehehe...

  5. Grats on the new job, Ker! :) and if it helps, I took, have not gotten one lousy drop in 6-7 weeks of Firelands raiding.. and neither has the pally tank husband. :)

  6. You must have been intervening on my behalf, since I finally got some shoulders to drop for the Shammy. I swear Bruenok is slowly but surely climbing up the gear ladder! I just need to bite the bullet and start pugging like crazy now for the points (I have two gear sets to complete for him, after all).

    I think you'll really like Seattle. I know I was fond of the area back in the day, but it's been years since I was last there. Congratulations on the new job, and here's hoping I can rejoin the healing team soon.

  7. Achievement tracking - I believe it's just a display bug. I was doing "the Seeker" and I was 5 quests away one day, then logged in and over 30 away. But as soon as I did one quest the counter adjusted to 4.

    Congratulations on the new job! WEST COAST, YEAH!

  8. @Issy: Thanks! It's exciting but stressful at the same time. If I really think about all I have to do, I would be freaking out right now.

    @Analogue: So its not just us, eh? Seriously what kind of fascination does Chogall have with pallys, priests, and warlocks?

    @Grimmtooth: Grrr. It is driving me bonkers. I've seriously fallen behind on my blog reading lately so I wondered if someone else had read anything about Blizz acknowledging this problem and intending to fix it.

    @Rokkon: Seriously Rokkon. If you need priest tier shoulders, just come run with us. They drop every freakin' time.

    @Kayeri: You too?!?! Sadness.

    @Nico: I'm so glad something useful dropped for you! And yes, I bet you'll be healing with us real soon.

    @Rades: Well its not just the display bug, its the fact that I relog back in and all of my tracking just disappears off the right side of my screen. They really need to fix this soon.

    Yeah I never ever thought I would find myself on the west coast. I don't think its quite set in yet...

  9. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has that achievement/quest tracking problem! I gave up on working on a couple of achievements on lowbie alts solely because I got tired of having to check the achievement panel every day to see what I was missing on which character. When I opened a ticket about it, I just got a standard reply about disabling my addons and so on and so forth (which I had already tried).