Wednesday, August 10, 2011

For the gnomes!

K was created in February of 2007 and not long after that, I created a human priest named Calexis. Well poor Cal has been sitting at level 60 something for pretty much forever. The funny thing is that in the over 4 years that I've had her, she's leveled with pretty much all of Jess' alts: his shammy, his druid, his hunter. As Jess' alts each hit max level, Cal just stays where she is.

I wondered that perhaps I didn't feel as strong a connection to her because she was just a simple human toon that was kinda meh to me. So after a couple of bgs on K where I remarked once again that it is so darned cute that there are gnome priests, I did it. I race changed my priest to a gnome and renamed her to a K name.

So I introduce to you Kakigori, my new gnome priest:

OMG the cuteness overwhelms me.

Kimchee is my spicy Korean lock. Kakigori is now my sweet Japanese priest. Kakigori is the name of a Japanese shaved ice dessert. This is my third gnome as I also have a gnome DK who is my inscriptionist. Yes, I love gnomes. Its true. They just make me happy when I play them because they are so darned cute.

Jess even said that he wondered whether I may race change K if gnomes could be druids. Especially if they could be small and cute when they shapeshifted. Can you even imagine a mini tree? A healing bush? Or a mini kitty or bear? Awww. They'd be the same size as companion pets! Though honestly if that were the case I probably wouldn't race change K, but would level a new gnome druid.

Anyways, so what have I been doing with Kakigori? Eventually I think I'll pick up a disc spec on her, but for now I've solely been doing bgs with her as shadow. And you know what? Shadow priests are way OP right now. For me to go into bgs pretty green on the toon and spec, and to be the top dpser, its insane! I was in one WSG where she was just totally kicking ass and had like 15 HKs. As I told the guild, respect bitches!

I was also in a number of ABs where I immediately took her to the lumber mill because mind controlling folks off the LM is just so evil, yet so fun. If MCing folks off the LM is wrong, I don't want to be right. I just kept doing it over and over and over again. :)

I also love the fact that this cute little bundle of evil energy can generally kill a Hordie one on one. I mean you see a big mean green orc DK or warrior or whatever, and Kakigori can just own them, all while giggling and chewing pink bubble gum. They're powerless. I love it.

The Horde seem to have a special dislike for gnomes. And for them, Kakigori says, "See you on the battlefield!"


  1. Aww I lub gnome priests!
    I always wanted a gnome hunter that started with a pet rabbit or something equally cute :D

  2. ...and my priest. Muriel and Calexis/Kakigori quested together in Elwyn Forest. I always thought it would be fun to level with someone else but you always gets distracted.

    I believe it was Chanti who suggested that you might race change Keredria to a Gnome if they were allowed to be druids. But I don't think you'd do it. You're a bit attached to your original race. I'm worse though. I haven't even changed Jess' hair from the original style.

  3. Methinks the Foliaged One has a fascination with little wee ones hurling dark energies.

    I can confirm though that a small change in perspective can really generate new interest in a toon. I managed to get Bruenok to 85 in slightly less than 2 days (from 82), and I can't wait to learn the new gameplay with him, both as a restoration and elemental shaman. Time to hit a lot of instances over the weekend!