Monday, August 1, 2011

Needing dramamine to raid?

When the heck did it become August already? The summer is almost over! Anyways, some random updates.

We raided last night for the first time in two weeks since a week was taken off for Clawcon. On a personal front, I hadn't logged into the game since I was on for about an hour last Monday night. Before that, I hadn't been on for about 5 days. So basically I haven't played much in 10 days.

The amusing or not so amusing part for me was going back to dealing with the motion in the game. Every time I take some time away from the game, even if its just a week to 10 days, I come back to getting nauseous from the movement. The whole perspective of running and flying around just makes me queasy.

So yet again I log on midday yesterday for my first real extended play time in 10 days. I set about to go do my dailies (which I haven't done in 14 days... slacker!) and ugh, queasiness. I felt queasy the entire 2 hours or so that I was on and I really got worried that I would have to take dramamine to raid last night.

I did log on about 75 minutes before raid time to see if I still felt sick. I did a couple of BGs and a successful Tol Barad defense (heck yeah!) to test myself before the raid. And huzzah! No more queasiness! I have issues, I know.

Outside of the whole is K going to hurl on her laptop question last night, there were other ups and downs. Last night was our first raid without our old lock Buns. I really missed her. This also meant that last night was our first raid where I was the only female. Clearly this means our raid was thus lacking in maturity and general awesomeness. Sigh. I miss the days of running with 5 out of 10 raiders being female.

On that front, we could probably use another raider or two if anyone is interested or knows of anyone. A dps/healer or a tank/dps dual spec would be awesome. A female would be double the awesome so we can increase the average IQ of our raid. (I kid, I kid! Or not...)

Our raid last night also consisted of 3 pallys (1 tank and 2 healers) and three, yes THREE mages. Perhaps not the most ideal, but you know what? We make things work best they can. I would rather take people I like playing with and let those people bring their mains than create a more optimal raid composition. It also worked out because on any given wipe I could just blame a mage or pally. It was true! The numbers say so!

So just as I was bemoaning missing Buns last night, lo and behold our old holy pally Nico logged on after being deployed for a while! Huzzah! I'm excited to see him safe and sound back in the states, even if it means that he and Lorosia now tag team gang up on this poor little tree. Hopefully we can get Nico geared quickly and joining us in raids soon!

Finally I had a great time grabbing dinner with the lovely Beru last Friday night. I was back in her neck of the woods for the second time in less than a week for an interview. It boggles my mind that this game and the corresponding blog community has forged these sort of relationships. I knew that I'd be in Seattle for a couple of days so without question I shot Beru a note to say, lets meet up!

We talked about everything from work to real life to books/movies. And yes of course we also talked about the game, raiding, our guilds, the blogosphere, and specific bloggers. We specifically talked about you Rades! :) You never know how long you're going to play this game. But I find it pretty awesome that my time in the game and the blogsophere has forged these kind of friendships!


  1. It's funny you mention movement.. I'd not stopped to think about it before, but I move hell of a lot more in an MMO than I do in real life :P
    Aww I'm jealous you got a gossip session with Beru, sounds like fun :D (Hope the interview went well).

  2. I remember the night I brought my mage along with your other 2 mages. It kinda seems like overkill. It's too bad my alts are a pally and a mage. And, Rokkon is pretty much the last raiding priest standing in my guild...

    I'm glad for you all that even though you lost someone you were still able to raid. Firelands is pretty fun, if not some times frustrating. But, that's how all the raids go.

  3. @Issy: I am just really prone to motion sickness in real life. So I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised that it gets to me in game too when I've been away a bit.

    @Rokkon: Yeah. We're funny that way. After a two week break from raiding we had a messy, yet one shot of Shannox. Stupid me got trapped in a trap the very last second of the fight. Sigh.

    Then went to go see Beth'tilac for the first time. With all the aoe dmg, having a holy pally healing with me downstairs wasn't the most ideal, but it was what it was.

  4. Eeeee talked about by Beru and Keredria!! :D Hope you had a fun visit! It's also great that your pally friend has returned, though I have to admit that the FIRST THING I thought of was that poor you would be even MORE sad about Druid mana, haha. Damn pallies!

  5. I am pretty sure that Rades talked about you when I met him this summer too, Keredria! Turnabout is fair play. :D Meeting other bloggers and hanging out is so much fun. I wish we could have a big blogging party. I know, the blogging party is probably "Blizzcon" but that's not as feasible for everyone! Still, I love hearing about folks that were able to hang out one way or another.

  6. It was good to come home. I had forgotten what it was like to be online with a lot of the 'Claw gang. Good times.

  7. On Beth-tilac, I made a holy pally heal down below while I tried healing up top as disc. Up top healing is REALLY HARD.

    But, we got our first Beth kill once the pally and switched. Though, we had a few wipes while he realized that healing up top is REALLY HARD. hehehehe

  8. Awww...queasy tree. I'm glad you didn't throw up in my car at Clawcon.

  9. @Rades: Haha, yes those damn pallies!

    @Vidyala: Ooh, very true! Turnabout IS fair play!

    @Nico: /wave! /hug

    @Rokkon: We put our holy pally up top to heal. Is it REALLY HARD up there? Well he good thing he has endless mana for it.

    @Jess: Well the windy drive up Hurricane Ridge, I wasn't that close to throwing up but was getting a little meh.

  10. I should have an internet connection up and running by late tomorrow afternoon. BTW, have you given any thought to my offer? I am happy either way, but (and you have to admit it) Wrath of Air totem is nice. Lor was salivating over the possibility, any way. ;)

  11. One other thing about this post, when I first read the title I read:

    Needing Drama to Raid


    Our holy pally isn't the best out there, so yeah it was tough for him.