Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This is why they call me Empress Positive

Our hunter Kal has recently started calling me Empress Positive. Probably an appropriate nickname since I can be sort of bossy and say things as they are, instead of necessarily sugar coating things.

Two recent guild happenings that only prove this point. So we were on Atramedes last week and for a number of attempts we just couldn't get it going. Meaning folks were dying and we were wiping way too soon, even before he was 50%.

I got irritated and informed the raid that I was no longer putting down Seafood feasts until we proved that we could survive a couple of phases of the fight... that Lavascale Catfish was too expensive to waste.

Well, wouldn't you know it, the very next attempt... somehow everyone got things together and we downed him. The boss was at about 2% or so when Kal mentioned that if we had gotten food buffs, the boss would be dead by now. /sigh

Secondly, I logged on over the weekend to see something that cut me deep to my soul. What was it, you ask? It was this piece of guild news:

So most normal people would be happy for a guildie's good fortune. But not me. Especially not when the said guildie is a holy pally who least needs the mana. My reaction in guild chat was something to the effect of:


Seriously, what is he going to do with the doll? Never go below 90% mana? I mean how is this right? And, I am no lore expert or anything, but it has to go against some lore requirement that a dwarf pally would get the doll before a night elf druid. It's just wrong! Hence my changed guild message of the day:

What I have done to try to keep up is to equip the Tol Barad healing trinket, Mandala of Stirring Patterns. I'm trying to match my innervates to when I get the +1926 intellect proc. Its the only thing I can do while I dig up the 110th night elf common...



  1. Keep going - 130 NE solves for me! Good luck :)

  2. We call it the "Damnit Doll" now, for the same reasons...

  3. I gave up in the end before I broke the keyboard, and yes my old guild holy pally got his ages ago.
    I got fall of mortality from Cho'gall which seemed to be a nice substitute overall.
    Overall I sort of gave up on archeology for kitting out my toon.

  4. Yeah... I had given up for a long time too... but I can't get shown up by some dwarf pally. So I've been trying again in between going into bgs.

    At least now I can stand around with my thumb up my ass regenerating mana while Lorosia heals everyone! If people die, it will clearly be his fault and his fault alone.

  5. Don't cry now, Plant-Girl. Blizzard is just favoring the rightful healing class is all. It makes up for when we had to wander around in cloth (Cloth!!! On a plate-wearing class!!!) to heal at all.

  6. *hugs* hang in there! It will show up eventually!

  7. Hehe, if I remember correctly I never wanted that doll; I was always going for the jar and mandala (patched version), but maybe things have changed since then. :)

    In any case, I like your "nickname" - my own were usually referring to whipping people, or then being drunk (no comment). it's good to have people around who talk straight and have some dark humor and self-irony, makes guild life refreshing in my personal opinion.

  8. Aww, I just remembered: I actually got the darkmoon card (as a gift!) right before I quit WoW which is why I gave it back....imagine my inner turmoil. -.-