Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hatchling nest locations

My archaeology has slowed down a bit, but I'm still doing some of it. I try to alternate my archaeology with pvp. It basically means I alternate moments of sheer boredom with moments of sheer terror. Alternate extremes FTW.

Anyways, another task that I've alternated lately is picking up the Hatchling pets. Now you guys probably know that as of 3.3 there are 4 hatchling pets that you can loot from nests right? Well, its a nice activity to do if you are in the area doing archaeology or if you are waiting for bg queues (AV queues take forever to pop for me).

I have picked up all 4 pets, but I'm still picking them up. Why? Well, I could use them as gifts (I was going to give one to our hunter Kal, but he's been really mean to me lately) and to sell.

But another option is to wait to sell them. Why? With 4.2 we get pet rewards for getting the 100 and 125 pet achieves. Thus, people are going to be buying pets to get these achieves and the new pets. So I would suggest that you collect these Hatchling pets now, save them, and sell them once 4.2 is live for a pretty penny. Because its all about maximizing how much money you make!

Thus, I am going to summarize the four locations here for you guys, but really more so for myself... so that I have one consolidated place to go when I'm hunting these nests. I don't use coordinates, so I can't verify that these are the exact right locations, but I've gathered them from wowhead for those of you who do.

1. Darting Hatchling from Dart's Nest in Dustwallow Marsh:

Coordinates may be:
48.0 14.2
49.2 17.5
47.9 19.0
46.6 17.1

2. Leaping Hatchling from Takk's Nest in Northern Barrens:

Trying to see if you can grab Takk's nest is a good activity to do when you're in Org trying to fish up Old Crafty. :)

Coordinates for Takk's nest:
60.9 19.8
62.8 20.2
64.2 23.0
64.9 28.8

3. Razormaw Hatchling from Razormaw Matriach's Nest in the Wetlands

For Razormaw's nest, go into the cave. It looks like there is just one coordinate location for this next, next to Razormaw Matriarch at 70.1, 29.3.

4. Ravasaur Hatchling from Ravasaur Matriarch's Nest in Ungoro Crater.

It looks like coordinates may be:
68.9 61.2
63.0 63.2
62.2 65.2
62.0 73.6
68.9 66.6

Happy nest hunting!

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  1. Thank you for doing the work for me and listing the locations. I actually have these as an avid pet collector, but like to send surprise gifts to friends and at times can't always find them on AH for reasonable prices. <3 you K!