Thursday, June 2, 2011

All for Mojo

A while back I was in a guild ZA run on my cute ass lock Kimchee. She picked up four or five hex sticks during the run. But since K is my pet collector, I sent the hex sticks to her to try to get Mojo.

Last week I'm online by myself at some random time and I was tired of running AV. So I thought to myself,

"Self, why not go into ZA and stealth through the mobs and see if I can get Mojo?"

I know, I know... I'm sure all sorts of alarm bells are going off in your reasonable heads. But let me just walk you through my thought process.

So first, I go to the flight master in Stormwind and fly down to Northern Stranglethorn. D'oh #1. Once I get there I realize ZG is Stranglethorn, ZA is Ghostlands. Sigh.

Well after I fly back the ENTIRE length of the freakin content, I was up at the ZA entrance. I zone in and go talk to the guy and hit the gong together. I'm all ready and stealthed, waiting for the mobs to come. And hell, do they come.

The mobs come straight for me and seem to ignore my stealth. And I die. Because its a gauntlet? D'oh #2. You would think after D'oh #2 I would have learned my lesson and moved on. But not me! No siree! I think to myself:

"Self, perhaps since now the mobs are standing out there the gauntlet is "over" and now I can stealth past them and get my mojo".

Are you sighing or laughing again at me? I am. Sigh. So I zone back in to see if my brilliant plan works. But nope, as soon as I zone in, the mobs come straight for me and I die yet again. D'oh #3.

I swear its a wonder I get myself around!

Anyways, in other news unrelated to "How come K never remembers anything and does stupid things and gets herself killed", the summer slowdown in raiding has started for our guild with just a tad more people unavailable for raids than before. And in such a small guild, one more person being a bit more unavailable makes raids difficult to fill.

Thus, our guild could use another body or two. Here is a link again to the recruitment post I put up earlier this year.

A healer/dps hybrid or pure dps or Tank/dps dual spec would be awesome. But really we could make any role work. What's more important is someone wanting to raid a bit more casually in a 10 man environment with fellow adults. So if you're interested contact Jess (jessikathetank at gmail) or myself (keredria at gmail) or whisper us online.

I may get myself killed getting Mojo but I'll heal you to keep you alive. I swear!


  1. I'd totally come raid with you guys if, you know, I had an 85 or was on your server or if I was any kind of a reliable team member...

  2. Hehe, Mojo was actually one of the very last pets I collected in WoW. I never got it back in the days, so I persuaded a kind soul to assist me when we went back for it in Cata. Am sure I would've managed to kill myself too, the place is such a maze, always hated it. -.-

  3. @aggrojunkie: aww...

    @Syl: Yeah... a couple guildies have also been super nice and giving me their extra hex sticks. So I'm hoping I get Mojo soon!