Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fishing for Old Crafty

Last weekend I was flying around doing a combination of some archaeology and farming for the hatchling pets to sell in between doing battlegrounds. And somehow I found myself flying close enough to Org. Thus, I decided that I would try my hand at fishing for Old Crafty!

Now I haven't been to Org since they allowed flying in the old zones. Wow, is it so much easier now! You can just fly overhead and swoop down to find your spots! I found two pretty good spots and I spent a while there fishing in between waiting for long AV queues (97 wins... 3 to go!!!) or Gilneas queues. I guess my mindset was this:

"Horde, you can kill me in BGs, but I am sneakily hiding in your city, fishing all your fish! Muahahaha!"

/sigh. Anyways, it was funny because when I first whispered Beru, I said "I'm in your city!". To which she thought I meant the city she lives in in real life, not the WoW capital she hangs out in. :) She then asked me where I was hiding and I told her my spots. She said she was curious to go see if any Alliance where there on her server.

A little while later a hunter tracked and found me. He tried killing me, but to no avail. I was then able to get out of combat to get into flight form and fly away. But then later in the day I am peacefully fishing when all of a sudden I see red letters in front of me again. I immediately got ready to defend myself again which I can do a decent job of in my pvp gear with 3200+ resilience.

But alas! Who is it that plops down in front of me? None other than Rades from Orcish Army Knife! Awmigawd!

What are the chances that he would just so happen to be online and just so happen to find me? After the initial gasps, we then spent a while trying to communicate as much as possible through emotes. So yeah our communication was limited. We traded a couple of emails a bit later laughing over the coincidence. He remarked what a good sneaky hiding spot it was. So I'm going to share my two spots for you guys, though I have to ask all you Horde readers to take an oath first.

Please raise your right hands or green appendages or hooves or skeletons or whatever you may happen to have in place of a right hand. And repeat after me:

I promise to not use this information for evil. Meaning I will not use this information to camp and kill Alliance folks. If I do, I shall accept the fact that K may then find and publicize places for Alliance to camp and kill Horde.

So are we all good now? Remember... you Horde friends promised! Anyways. So I have two fishing spots in Org. The first is at the base of the largest waterfall in Valley of Wisdom.

You can get behind the falls and fish out once you turn your camera view to view from above. If you /sit or /sleep you can get even further behind the falls.

The second spot is up on the water bend in the Valley of Honor.

Put your self back in the corner of the rocks and again, fish with your camera panned from above.

Most likely the only Horde who are going to find you in these two spots are Hunters, because they have tracked you on their mini map. If you want, you can take Elixir of Camouflage so that you can't be tracked. Also just to be safe, remove any titles so your name appears as short as possible. You could even take some Noggenfogger Elixir to make yourself even smaller.

I didn't get Old Crafty this time, but I will probably try again now and then. Happy fishing!


  1. Now, if only I could find a way into Ironforge. Delgada needs to fish up Old Ironjaw. Sounds like a mission for today :)

    Oh, and I solemnly swear (hoof, decrepit claw, and multi colored hands raised) not to murder any Alliance I find in these spots. I may, however, use my Prototype Neural Needler on them if they fall asleep on the job :)

  2. It's a Keredria!!

    Speaking from personal experience ;) that spot is VERY sneaky and well-hidden! Even with Tracking on and being only a few feet away, I could barely see you. :D I'd really recommend it over the waterfall spot, because even if you are hidden behind the water, it's still right by one of the most populated areas in Org (Tauren area) that sees a LOT of foot traffic. I know I'm often messing around with Levitate or what have you in the pool next to that waterfall.

    But up above, at the creek? I'm pretty sure visiting you was the first time I'd ever been there.

  3. @Shawndra: Mmm so you can't fly into IF right? Maybe I should try to scout out a good hiding place for you guys...

    @Rades: Sneaky tree is sneaky!

  4. It depends on the mount. You can fly through the same slots that the gryphon taxis use but a nether ray won't fit and maybe a couple of the larger flyers wont. Flight form, hypogryphs and bats should work fine though. Once you get to the great forge you should be able to head north and land into the cavern without alerting the guards, but IDK for sure as I haven't tried it.

    The great thing about IF if you're horde is that it has a much smaller population than org.

  5. There are a couple of ways to approach Ironforge, and flying makes it much, much easier.

    The best way (in my opinion) is to go to Stormwind, fly as high as you can (i.e., above the guards and other players), position yourself just above the entrance of the Deeprun Tram in the Dwarven District, and then dive and swoop into the entrance/instance. Take the tram as usual, and cautiously leave the instance at Ironforge. Assuming there's not a player there to attack you, you should have a couple of seconds to get on your flying mount, fly straight ahead and then hook a left into the Forlorn Cavern.

    If you aggro guards and can't escape, try and die as close to the water in the Cavern as possible. Ghost run back, and resurrect as close to the far cavern wall as possible. Run to the back and start fishing. There's really no good hiding place in the cavern (that I'm aware of, anyway), and now with the fishing daily quest giver being located in the cavern, you are far more likely to be discovered than in the old days. But you won't aggro guards, and if you're just fishing, you might not get camped.

    I play both Horde and Alliance, and I've used this method to infiltrate Ironforge, and I've also seen it used while on my Alliance toons. If I seen Hordies fishing in the cavern, just minding their own business, I leave them alone.

    As far as invading Ironforge - back in the day, I always defended Magni. But these days? Please, help yourselves to Moira; seriously, she's a villain and the Dark Iron dwarves just make everyone look bad.

  6. I'm an achievement fan and have been trying to get Old Crafty since achievements were introduced into the game (it was the only fishing achievement I still had to get). I just tried the 2nd spot you suggested and after 185 catches I am now the proud owner of [Old Crafty]. Even better, I caught him without having any horde attack me at all :)

    Thank you so much for posting this information (and the map pictures were very helpful in getting to the right position).

  7. @MyName and Anon: Thanks for tips! And very true... IF is much less populated these days.

    @Anon #2: Awesome!!! I'm so glad you were able to fish him up! And without any Horde attacks! :)

  8. Was wondering if you used the Outland Daily fishing quest trick. It has been noted on many sites like wowwiki and thottbot that having the outland fishing quest for fishing up a crocolisk in Org or SW helps boost Ol'Crafty's drop rate. I have used this method 3 or 4 times now and I have seen it appear so many more times that in an hour i saw him 4 times before I looted him.

  9. Using the deeprun tram was always the best way for horde to get into IF. The tram is also NOT a city, so you can unflag in there on PvE servers and just chill out, take a break, wait for cooldowns to be up etc.