Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This is so going to be me

Hahaha this amuses me so. You tell her Edna!

Anyways. Our guild was finally able to get back into progression raiding after about two weeks of just farming old content due to people being unavailable. Jess was offline for about 10 days because his old laptop died, even though I have been nagging him since last fall to get it replaced. Let this be a lesson that bad things happen when you don't listen to the guild mom.

We are also in the process of planning for our Clawcon II, which will once again be this July in the Seattle area. I'm anticipating about 8-9 current and past guildies. I have met most of the folks last year, either in Seattle or Chicago. But it'll be fun to finally meet our mage Mr McSquishy and I can't wait to see the interactions between some of the other guildies. There is already a lot of joking about the communal sleeping arrangements.

I think that having these relationships outside the game definitely makes us stronger as a guild and as a raid. Once you meet people in person and understand their personalities or quirks better, you have a context for things that you see or experience during raids.

On the flip side though, having these relationships outside the game makes it even harder when someone leaves the game. I have noticed lately that guildies are not all on as much outside of raids. I mean folks are online, but not everyone is online at the same time anymore. People have their own RL priorities, which is definitely good. But it really makes me wonder how much we will really all be playing together.


  1. I killed myself laughing at that letter :P
    I think you're right - I've always met up with guildies, and I do think it helps with understanding people. I think that once you've met up though, when people do leave the game it is easier to stay in touch with them.

  2. When I grow up, I want to be Edna.

    That is all.

    (oh, and have fun with Clawcon!).

    But Edna? She stole this show! Just sayin'!