Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Interesting wowwiki lore

I'm a huge wikipedia junkie. Huge. I'll often wikipedia something I come across on TV or a movie or whatever just to learn more about it. Then it becomes a series of never ending clicks to a new wiki page, and another one, and another one...

Have you ever really explored wowwiki? I was on wowwiki a while back and a series of following several links led me to a page on sexuality in WoW. Intrigued?

Some of the lore information I found on this page was kind of interesting:

- "In Duskwood, a pregnancy — human, elven, or dwarven — has not been carried to term in two years".
- "Interacial breeding is generally frowned upon by human and elven society. Half-elves usually suffer bigotry from both their elven and human parents. The elven parents often abandon their children".
- "Night elves do not traditionally marry, but they do take companions for life".
- "Wildhammer dwarves only have a single holiday each year in which all the marriages are performed. It is one of the three community rituals held per year (the other two are for births and deaths respectively). Wildhammer dwarves commonly marry someone from their same birth year".

As a night elf, I found this paragraph quite interesting:

- "Prior to the conclusion of the Third War, night elf society was sharply divided by gender, with the vast majority of men being druids and most women serving as warriors, priestesses, or a combination thereof. There were a few deviations, obviously- males with no aptitude for druidism trained in the arts of war, and females with exceptional druidic gifts were trained, but these gender roles more or less defined the culture of the kaldorei for ten thousand years. In the years since Archimonde's death, this gender division appears to have eased somewhat, and more women have taken up the mantle of the druids, just as men have begun to choose the path of war or dedicate themselves to Elune."

Anyways, check out the wowwiki link. There are some other tidbits from lore that were interesting.


  1. I'm a wikipedia junkie, too. Drives my wife nuts.

    I'm definitely checking out that link when I'm at a computer that will allow it. Sounds fascinating.

    Thanks for sharing that, K!

  2. Not quite so steeped in lore, but I is reminded of the By Way of Booty Bay cartoon, where a nelf woman be standing in Mr and Mrs Tauren's doorway, holdin' a baby with purple skin and horns. "Explain!" sez the missus, and the hubby stammers about "Warsong Gulch" and "bear form" and "all very confused". Is very disappoint what it don't seems ta be on the site no more.

  3. @Ratshag - I remember that one! It's hard to find anything there since the navigation has chosen a different path than other more mundane strips use.

    @keredria - there was a rumor - rumor only! - that either WoWPedia or WoWWiki has been dropping trojans. I again state, RUMOR! But, has anyone else heard this that could shed some light of reason?

    Incidentally, that's all some very interesting info you dug up there. The gender split on classes especially intrigues. I had always wondered why the Sentinels always appeared to be female. Now I knows.

    My newest toon is a night elf warrior, male, named Bitterleaf. Just that snippet above gives me all sorts of backstory and inner dialog cues. Thanks for that! :)

  4. @Grimmtooth that would explain why I saw someone say not to use wowwiki anymore. I'd guess they were from the ads on the site, with my adblock I wouldn't have noticed. Generally ads aren't normally the site owner's fault =/ Or were rumors being flung by the fans alone =O

    @Keredria oh, you didn't know about the Night Elf gender division. Actually there was some internal controversy over allowing NEs to choose classes not of their gender. As I heard the storyline/lore group didn't want to, but I guess that's what they added to the lore to allow it. I'm glad they did though, otherwise I'd be a hunter instead of a druid :x

  5. @Sakaki - What you're saying about the ads tracks with what I was hearing, too, though I hasten to point out that the ads are remarkably similar between the two. Could be there are some malicious links in there somewhere, I supposed. I do so hate repeating rumors like this, I feel so tawdry doing it, but I guess what I should have said at first is "just be careful out there, practice safe hex, keep calm, and don't click on strange things."

  6. @aggrojunkie: Hai! /wave

    @Ratters: LAWL

    @Grimmtooth: Hmmm I hadn't heard the trojan rumors... but your advice is very sound! Practice safe hex! :)

    @Sakaki: Yeah... I find it quite interesting that night elf druids used to be all male!

  7. It's actually quite interesting to read. So far I've been digging through other wikipedia sites (mainly for other games I'm playing) and wow, the information, speculation and general information provided can be overwhelming!

    But for the WoW bit about night elves, both my boyfriend and I played druids. I healed, he tanked and dps'd. Of course mine was a female, however we had it fixed to where she was a newer druid after fighting as a warrior for so long. It worked out in the long run, but it was hard to roleplay sometimes, mostly due to the sharp gender roles that were played.

    Now, if only this article could get out to some of the stranger RP people about all these half-race people roleplaying and accusing me of being a racist in whispers when my character looks at them with disdain.