Friday, May 6, 2011

Cenarion Hatchling pet results

I'm glad that there was enough interest from those of you who were interested in a pet. I'd also like to thank those who commented with your support or your personal story.

Ultimately I have decided that I'm going go the Oprah route with this. You know how Oprah gives away a car or some grand trip or whatever, and the rest of the audience politely claps for the winner? But then you come back from a commercial break and Oprah starts screaming and gesticulating wildly, pointing at everyone saying "You get a car... you get a car... you get a car... you get a car!!!".

Yes, that's just a long and completely irrelevant (yet amusing to me) way of saying that I will be gifting a pet to every commenter. I've thought about this over the last couple of days and while I am good at bitching about the little things, I have been incredibly blessed in so many ways. Blessed with good health, blessed to have received the education I have received, and blessed and really damn lucky to have somehow survived when over half my practice has been laid off over the last two years.

The only loser here is Jess, who doesn't get to do his random statistics mumbo jumbo. Everyone together now, 'Awwww poor Jess'. Again, as a reminder one of the pets I'm giving away was generously donated by Sakaki at Tree Sprouting. Thanks again Sakaki!

At the bottom of this post is a list of commenters who I believe are interested in a pet. If I'm wrong, let me know. Unless you specifically said you did not want a pet, I have included your name. So for the below named folks, please send me an email (keredria at gmail dot com) and I will respond with the redemption code.

In the email you send me, I need two things:
1. Give me the name you commented under, in case that is not clear from your email address
2. Let me know if you need a pet from the EU Blizz store as I believe I can buy pets in the EU store if needed (please please please someone let me know if this is false).

Give me a couple days to get this all done so if I don't respond right away, don't worry... its coming.

Thank you guys so much for allowing me to do this and donate to a cause so close to my heart.

Yay everyone wins!:
Iz Chan
Cheryl 'Aoife'


  1. Wow. That's awesome of you :)

  2. Well I'm going to do it anyway. Consider yourself lucky that she's so generous Kal. The RNG wasn't so generous.

    > names <- scan("clipboard", what = character())
    > as.matrix(sample(names, length(names)))
    [1,] "Iancore"
    [2,] "Nkm"
    [3,] "Fallah"
    [4,] "Megan"
    [5,] "Fernando"
    [6,] "Youyankityoutankit"
    [7,] "ambient"
    [8,] "Anachan"
    [9,] "Aoife"
    [10,] "Cheryl"
    [11,] "Iz"
    [12,] "Megan"
    [13,] "Analogue"
    [14,] "Sil"
    [15,] "Rebecca"
    [16,] "Caanrial"
    [17,] "Elaine"
    [18,] "Stan3"
    [19,] "Kaozz"
    [20,] "Lisa"
    [21,] "Angelya"
    [22,] "Gaia"
    [23,] "Jon"
    [24,] "Jed"
    [25,] "Jingu"
    [26,] "Chan"
    [27,] "Shalana"
    [28,] "Jasyla"
    [29,] "Kalthan"

  3. You are an amazing person and it's very Oprah of you ^^

  4. @Jess: /sigh. Just /sigh.

    But you do fail a bit because Iz Chan and Cheryl Aiofe are two people, not four. Fail!

  5. Wait, but I didn't have to look under my chair?!

    You are totally awesome, K. =)

    My Tree-ro in fact! <3

  6. As for my own pet's update. Looks like I'll be using one of my own codes since my friend won't have a job for a month or more >.<

    I'll just have to buy some more codes, maybe next week :) Speaking of which, if anyone notices this and missed out try leaving a comment on my blog, I'll probably have some extras. Though I'm not going to guarantee anything

  7. i had to lol at the oprah part.

    i just wanted to say how awesome and generous you are for giving pets to everyone who commented and wanted one. i also think it is awesome for Sakaki to help out and chip in a pet. :D

    also, you've inspired me to gift a hatchling to someone in my guild. i already bought 2 for my accounts since it is really awesome how Blizzard is sending 100% of the fees to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami relief fund.

  8. Wow Jess. That was quite amazing how the numbers worked out. Now I consider myself lucky.

    Thanks again!

  9. Once again K, I just want to say how awesome and generous you are for doing this. :D Everyone wins indeed!

  10. Wow, that is really generous of you guys, you're truly awesome :)

  11. hahaha iz and chan. that's funny.
    thankssss it's awesomely generous of you. :)) I'LL TAKE GOOD CARE OF IT AND GIVE IT NICE WALKS!!!