Friday, May 13, 2011

They're on to me!

Hmmm so it looks like Blogger was down for a while today. It comes back up and my last post is missing. Weird.

Anyways, just wanted to thank everyone for their support with the whole Cenarion pet thing. There were a number of folks who said that they ended up buying several pets as gifts as well, which was awesome for me to hear.

There are still about 8 original commenters who have not sent me an email with the name they commented under and whether they need a US or EU based pet. For you 8 folks (you know who you are!) please do so soon.

Buying all these pets caused a bit of a ruckus with my credit card company. I bought the pets in batches of 3-8 as the emails came through. But having multiple internet based transactions triggered my credit card's fraud alert system. All in all, I have had my card frozen 3 times over the past week.

After another alert yesterday, I had to call my credit card company and get quite angry asian girl on them, telling them that any online Blizz transactions are indeed me and that if they freeze my card again, that I am going to get very very angry.

But Blizzard hasn't made this any easier as well. For you 3 EU based players waiting for your pets, I really hope to have the final confirmed codes soon. So not only did the multiple attempts at the EU based purchases freak out my credit card company even more than the US based purchases, but when the EU transactions finally went through, Blizzard themselves cancelled the transactions. They said they did so because they saw that I was a US based player, even though I specifically noted that these were gifts for EU players.

Sigh. So just as a note... if any of you ever want to buy and gift any digital downloads across the US or EU Battlenet store, make sure to first let your credit company know, then secondly let Blizzard know that you are aware you are buying these items and intending to gift them. They (Blizz and the credit card company) say that they are doing this for my protection but it gets quite irritating.

Finally, I've mentioned the amusement I get out of checking out Statcounter stats from time to time. Whether its specific search terms that land people on your blog, where people are checking your blog from, or being a bit stalker-ish (you fellow bloggers know what I'm talking about). Anyways, a week or so ago, I was pretty amused and slightly freaked out from checking out my statcounter.

In mid April I posted about the FBI's involvement in gold selling and tracking down terrorists in virtual worlds. And I kid you not, I got a hit on that specific post from an IP address labeled FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems.

Whoa. I mean it's probably just that they have some automated web crawler that is set to look for certain phrases and just came to check me out. But as Beru said, if I disppear or anything, you all know what happened! :)

*I wonder if they're going to monitor the blog or flag it or something even more now that I've posted that I know that they're watching. Hmmm.


  1. Too bad that doing a good deed never goes unpunished with both Blizzard and VISA/whoever being a pain in the butt.

    Off-Topic: I still have the full post that got eaten in my RSS reader, if you have lost it I'll be happy to email you the lost post so you can repost it. It was quite amusing to read. :)

    PS: This might be an accidential double post, my No Script is being an ass.

  2. They probably think it's just scam to get people to give you their accounts while you promise pets or something haha. people unfortunately DO fall for that kind of stuff.

  3. oh, and don't type in FB1 like that!! what do you think were their search terms to arrive here?? "FB1, WoW, free pets"
    *paranoia sets in*