Thursday, July 19, 2012

In non-pvp news

You'd think by my last couple of blog posts that all I did was pvp. Yes, I do a lot of pvp, but some updates from a non-pvp front.

A couple weeks ago I decided to get rid of the second resto spec that I haven't used in a long time and pick up a tanking spec. I haven't used it yet, but I figure if folks want to bring alts in some of our raids I could give tanking a shot. I did read up a bit on bear tanking, but probably need some more lessons:

Though who are we kidding, tanking is just button mashing and counting on healers anyways. What I really need to be doing is finger/hand exercises to make sure they are strong enough for the button mashing and ensuring my keyboard is clean for the facerolling.

On the raiding front, we're less than 3 full runs away from crafting another legendary staff from Firelands for Darc. We were there Sunday night though I cannot even express to you the level of fail from yours truly on heroic Alysrazor. The tornadoes on heroic mode just kill me dead.

My ever loving and supportive guildies (ahem, sarcasm) were giving me plenty of grief over this. And to make it worse I had to be nice to Jess on Sunday night because as a very bad WoW wife, I forgot his birthday on Saturday until really really late in the day. So I couldn't do anything of this sort:

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